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SoftFlask gives cyclists a clean and eco-friendly way to eat energy gel

Menlo Park, California
SoftFlask gives cyclists a clean and eco-friendly way to eat energy gel

Energy gel, a key ingredient to top performance for many cyclists, just got easier to swallow with the introduction of SoftFlask by ventureDESIGNworks.

One of the main issues with energy gel has been the difficulty in accessing the gel during activity. Foil packets are convenient to carry but can be messy, difficult to eat from while riding and the empty packets often end up littering trails and roadways. Gel flasks offer a partial solution to this problem but they are difficult to use when not completely full, cumbersome to carry and prone to leaking.

Enter the SoftFlask, a soft and flexible gel flask with an integrated bite valve. The main bladder is made of medical grade urethane and the flexibility allows riders to squeeze out every drop of gel, no more tipping your head back and waiting for those last two servings to dribble out. The use of a bite valve makes accessing the gel a truly one handed affair and there is no need to worry about closing the valve as it seals automatically. A large opening enables easy filling from both foil packets or multi-serving containers, such as those sold by Hammer Nutrition. The large opening and soft sides facilitate easy cleaning and the flexible design makes it comfortable to hold in a jersey pocket or a Bento-Box style top tube storage device.

"SoftFlask is huge improvement over traditional gel flasks," says Anthony Pigliacampo, president of ventureDESIGNworks. "It is easier to use, fill and clean plus it works with as little as 1 serving of gel. Hopefully its functional improvements will encourage more riders to fill up with gel before rides and help reduce packet litter on roads and trails."

SoftFlask retails for $10.95 and holds up to 6oz of gel. It is available at bike shops and running stores nationwide. Dealers wishing to pick up the product can contact ventureDESIGNworks directly or acquire the product through distribution partner QBP.

For more information on the SoftFlask and other ventureDESIGNworks products, visit or call 720 317 5454.

About ventureDESIGNworks
Offering a full suite of product design services, vDw applies a unique, user-centered design process to help clients improve their business through innovation. Rather than let clients have all the fun, vDw also designs and markets innovative products for the many gear intensive activities the founders like to partake in such as cycling, running, skiing, climbing, kiteboarding, triathlon and backpacking. To find out more, call 720.317.5454.


(720) 317-5454

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SoftFlask gives cyclists a clean and eco-friendly way to eat energy gel



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