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Interbike Show to Feature Author Randy Kirk on the "Secrets to Page 1 Visibility on Google Search - Websites, YouTube, Yelp, and Google Places"

Inglewood, California
Interbike Show to Feature Author Randy Kirk on the

When Randy Kirk's Principles of Bicycle Retailing III was published in 1992, there was only 20 pages on marketing and advertising. In his upcoming work, Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age, the count is five times that. Moreover, he has established a members only portal at that will provide hundreds of specific examples, pictures, videos, tutorials and more.

According to Kirk, "Marketing a Bike Shop in 2011 is potentially less expensive than 1992, but the complexity has increased exponentially. Moreover, the players and the way to play the game change daily" This may seem like an understatement, but Kirk promises to at least provide a primer on the current online marketing challenge, especially as it applies to visibility on page one for Google and YouTube searches.

"Google controls 80% of all search," says Kirk. "And while reports within the last few days suggest that Google may be changing to unlimited scrolling rather than the current 10 or so results per page, the reality is that showing up at the top of the page is still going to be important. Only 30% of searches are even willing to scroll down."

Kirk is best known for his four (now five) books on bicycle retailing, and his dozens of times at the dais of trade shows going back 30 years. Many also know that he was the president of American Quality Products, makers of tire liners and California Springs water bottles. After selling that business in 2007, he started Randy Kirk and Associates, a marketing consulting firm that specializes in small businesses (SMB).

In one short hour seminar opening the NBDA Super Seminar Retail Education Series on Tuesday September 13 at 11:00 a.m., Kirk promises to cover the following:

- The little known secret that can jump your website to number one overnight.

- How do you use keywords to get better ranking and traffic?

- How to shoot and edit YouTube Videos that will sell bikes

- Why your visibility may not result in phone calls or traffic.

- What is the most important reason to use Social Media Marketing

Kirk also notes that tracking and counting matter in all this. So he also intends to spend some time talking about how to find the tools that show who is coming to your various channels and sites, how they found you, and whether they are taking action.

While Kirk has promised to make copies of his new book available after the seminar and in his booth 34087, he suggests going online to pre-order at


Bike Shop Owner
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