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Lexco Bike

Lexco is "Over the Moon" (actually, all the way to Mars) with Schwalbe Tires

Norridge, Illinois
Lexco is

What does Schwalbe tires have to do with the planet Mars? The same material - Vectran - that was used to protect the Mars Lander when it crashed to Mars is an integral part of Schwalbe's new Marathon Supreme tires. And Lexco has them.

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme
While other bicycle tires include Vectran in their construction, the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme features the HD-V Guard patented weaving technology that makes the tire not only stronger but puncture resistant as well. The weave was developed exclusively for Schwalbe. The result: A lightweight, great rolling tire that provides puncture protection and long-lasting durability.

Marathon Tire Line
The highly-popular Schwalbe Marathon line also includes:

  • Off-road tires: Winter - complete with spikes; Wired - 1.75" wide lightweight with Kevlar protection; Reflex - 2.0 inch wide lightweight with Kevlar protection; Plus - features the SmartGuard puncture resistant compound in a 1.35 inch wide tire.
  • Road: Wired - Kevlar and Allround compound blend give this 700c tire great puncture protection and durability
  • Cyclocross: Cross tire (26" x 1.75") constructed with a unique blend of RaceGuard and Speedgrip compound for a great rolling tire that will withstand the pounding that cyclocross racing entails.
  • BMX: Plus - a 1.35" wide tire with a SmartGuard puncture-resistant belt; Marathon - Kevlar and Allround compound blend combines excellent puncture protection and superior handling.

Durano Road Tires
The Schwalbe Durano line is synonymous with incredible tire life - over 6,500 miles per tire under normal conditions. The tires also feature superior gripping capabilities and with its RaceGuard protection belt, exceptional puncture resistance. Available in 23c width and in black, white, red, blue or silver sidewalls. 85-145 psi.

Blizzard Road Tires
A 115psi 23c tire that boasts both Kevlar guard and silica compound. Comes in foldable red, black, yellow and blue sidewalls. Also available in a 115psi 25c wired tire.

Lugano Road Tires
An economically-priced tire. Sidewalls of black, beige, blue, red, yellow or white in a 23c 110psi wired tire.

Fat Frank
No, not your uncle, but a great cruiser tire with drop-dead looks. The Schwalbe Fat Frank makes any cruiser bike look so much better. This incredible tire acts as a natural bicycle suspension. Available in a host of colors, including creme, black or brown.

"We have been so impressed with Schwalbe, both the company and in its products," says Karen Peterson of Lexco. "Schwalbe's customer service is outstanding and their tech support is top notch. Plus, if the company didn't offer such great tires our IBDs wouldn't keep buying them."

Says Celeste Moser, Managing Director, Schwalbe North America: "We are very pleased and excited to be partnering with yet another quality regional distributor who is as committed as we are to bringing our Schwalbe products further into the ever demanding marketplace."

For more information on Schwalbe tires or to get the new Lexco 2010 product catalog, contact Lexco at (800) 626-6556, or e-mail

About Lexco
Lexco offers value-driven bicycle products and services to the marketplace. Lexco is a family-owned and operated business that began as a hardware store and Schwinn franchise on Chicago's west side in the 1950s. It continued as a Schwinn bicycle shop on the city's north side in the 60s, and in the 70s, Lexco began making bicycle security cables and has grown that into Lexco's cable division showcased at Lexco became a full-scale bicycle parts distributor in 1978. For more information, call toll-free (800) 626-6556 or visit


Lexco Bike
(800) 626-6556

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