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Three Story Press

A Novel Way to Build Clientelle

Salt Lake City, Utah
A Novel Way to Build Clientelle

Dave Shields' cycling novels are putting people on bicycles. Jennifer Brooks of The Cycologist Bike Shop in Ft. Collins, Colorado says, "We love Dave's novels so much that we gave signed copies to our top 50 VIP clients. These books are great for business. They generate excitement and motivate people to ride their bikes." The publisher, Three Story Press, receives scores of e-mails from readers who've taken to bicycles as a result of these novels.

Road cycling has experienced huge growth in recent years, due in no small part to success of Americans at the Tour de France. Not only do Shields' books help bike shops capitalize on that growth, but they consolidate it by teaching readers the strategies of bicycle racing and the intracicies of this sport in a compelling way. Tour de France yellow jersey wearer George Hincapie called The Race, "Entertaining and inspirational. I couldn't put it down!" His quote is typical of thousands of readers.

In his sequel, The Tour, Shields took things a step farther, introducing readers to the drug culture from the inside. raved, "Rather than tread a tired path about the dangers of drug use and the immoral nature of the cheats, Shields turns the angle on its head as he highlights the enormous pressures pro cyclists can come under and the easy justification available to them should they take this step." The Salt Lake Tribune said, "Shields does [inspirational novels] one better by avoiding a cliché ending without compromising the story."

An inspirational tale dealing with drug use? Amazingly, Shields has pulled it off. He's created a socially significant novel that gives hope for the future by shining light on a troubling situation.

"Some athletes find themselves in circumstances where saying 'yes' to drugs is actually less risky than saying 'no.' By educating fans we are simultaneously empowering athletes to improve the situation. I love sport, and I love cycling in particular. I want to do all I can to drive drugs from the playing field, and to encourage people to get on their bikes."

Contact us today to learn about our dealer programs. Free shipping is available and undamaged books are fully refundable. Take this opportunity to stock a book that will cause bicycles to roll out the door.

Dave Shields regularly provides cycling analysis for CNN, ESPN, Sporting News Radio, and The Daily Peloton. He's an avid endurance athlete with several victories to his credit. Dave lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and three daughters. Visit to learn more about Dave Shields' exciting novels.

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