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Novel Look into the Future

Salt Lake City, Utah
Novel Look into the Future

The 2006 Tour de France has been one of the more unique versions we've seen. The strange thing is, novelist Dave Shields wrote a scenario with surprising similarities into his latest novel, The Tour. The story hit bookstore shelves in April and immediately reached #1 on Amazon's Best-Selling Sports Fiction list.

Months later, life began to imitate art. The Tour is a story about choosing whether or not to cheat in the face of extreme pressures at the Tour de France. It allows readers to experience the pressures from the athlete's perspective. From minor detail to major repercussion, the similarities to current events are uncanny. For instance, at one point the protagonist comes under scrutiny when a journalist suspects his request for pasta is a coded plea for drugs. Operation Puerto documents reveal that some cyclists were code naming doping products in exactly that way. New York Times bestselling author Aron Ralston said, "The Tour is the most compelling and open discussion of cheating I've ever read."

It's not the first time one of Shields' novels has done this. His 2004 release, The Race, told the story of a Utah cyclist winning the yellow jersey. At the time the book was written there weren't even any likely prospects. When Utah native Dave Zabriskie shocked the world by becoming only the third American in history to wear that storied garment at the 2005 Tour de France, media came calling.

This time the implications of the attention are more serious. "My goal has been to shine a light on this problem. If, by giving info to fans, my novel helps to clean up a terrible situation, it will have met my highest expectations," says Shields.

Dave Shields regularly provides cycling analysis for CNN, ESPN, Sporting News Radio, and The Daily Peloton. He's an avid endurance athlete with several victories to his credit. Dave lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and three daughters. Visit to learn more about Dave Shields' exciting novels.

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