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For Email Marketing you can trust and Provide 'Grassroots' Coverage of Bike Races, Events

Boulder, Colorado and Provide 'Grassroots' Coverage of Bike Races, Events

Innovative program for event organizers gets competitors, spectators to blog, photograph and shoot video and, 2 "grassroots media" websites that are home to mountain and road biking enthusiasts, respectively, have developed an innovative program to get coverage for cycling races and events.

YourMTB and YourCycling members apply to be selected as correspondents for a race or bike event, and receive a free entry fee to compete or be a spectator in exchange for covering the event.

Race and event organizers only have to donate one or more entry fees in order to ensure coverage of the event on either of the websites. The program is a "practically free way for organizers to get enthusiastic coverage of their races or events, plus a permanent record of the event as told by participants," says Steve Outing, founder and publisher of Enthusiast Group LLC, publisher of YourMTB and YourCycling.

The Enthusiast Group also has upgrade programs that can embed the coverage from competitor/participant correspondents on an event's website – something the company calls a "Grassroots Channel."

Correspondents – who are passionate mountain bikers, cyclocross and/or road cyclists – are typically not professional journalists, but rather enthusiastic sport participants and athletes who enjoy shooting photos and video and writing blogs. recently signed a deal to provide Grassroots Channels for Granny Gear Productions' series of 24 Hour mountain bike races. As part of that relationship, YourMTB is recruiting correspondents to race in and cover the races. Correspondents' photos, videos and blogs will appear on Granny Gear's Grassroots Channels – for example, this one for the 24 Hours of Conyers race (May 19-20):

One recent event that used the volunteer competitor correspondents was the USA Climbing Regional Championship at the Boulder (Colorado) Rock Club. Jill Salva, BRC's sales, instructions and events director, said of her experience with a grassroots channel on (sister site to and

"The beauty of grassroots reporters is that these are people who are already motivated and keenly interested in the event. Plus the advantage of having multiple grassroots reporters means that you get multiple unique viewpoints. In addition to that, it frees up event organizers to focus on serving competitors, attracting sponsors and running the event itself. With the positive response we got, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The creativity of our correspondents uniquely captured the flavor of our comp."

Says Outing: "This new form of grassroots coverage of sporting events is proving to be very exciting. We're seeing our correspondents post photos, videos and blog entries. The common element in all their posts is enthusiasm.

"The content from these event correspondents – plus submissions from other event or race competitors and spectators – creates a wonderful website that event organizers can use as a marketing tool, and as a permanent record of what transpired at the event."

Event organizers who wish to get or correspondents to cover their events can sign up online: Click here. Click here.

For information about getting a Grassroots Channel in addition to finding event correspondents, please contact Yann Ropars at 303-543-7810 or

Bike enthusiasts wishing to be correspondents at a YourMTB or YourCycling partner event can apply online: Click here. Click here.

About and and are participative online communities designed for mountain biking and cycling enthusiasts. The sites are based on the concept of "grassroots media" – which simply means that cyclists themselves are the authors of much of the content on the site.

The sites aren't all user-submitted content, however. Serving as head cheerleaders – encouraging and helping cyclists share their stories and images and offering expert advice  are Enthusiasts-in-Chief Walker Thomspon ( and Whitey Debroux ( Thompson and Debroux both write blogs for their sites, as well as produce audio podcasts, and occasionally video features.

The sites routinely run contests and promotions, rewarding the best inspirational tales, photos and videos, for example, with biking-related prizes provided by sponsors. Use of the site is completely free to users.

About the Enthusiast Group
The Boulder, Colorado-based company was founded in 2006 by Outing and Derek Scruggs, an experienced Internet entrepreneur, with the goal of creating a network of grassroots-media-based websites serving adventure and participant sports.,,, and are the first sites published by the company to open to the public. Sites covering additional adventure and participant sports are planned for roll-out throughout 2007.

The Enthusiast Group is funded by a group of 12 investors, including Omidyar Network (a mission-based investment group founded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar), DB Medialab (the new-media arm of Norwegian national newspaper Dagbladet), and Brad Feld.

Websites: website: website:
Corporate website:

Yann Ropars, director of business development: 303-543-7810,
Steve Outing, founder and publisher: 303-543-7810,
Derek Scruggs, founder and CEO: 303-543-7810,


(303) 543-7810

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