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Volvo CIty of Angels Fun Ride

Volvo City of Angels Fun Ride Reaches Bloodmobile Goal

Los Angeles, California

For its participants, sponsor (Volvo) and promoter (Peter Heumann), the tenth annual Volvo City of Angels Fun Ride is more than just a cycling tour of over 65 cultural, historic and scenic sights of Los Angeles- it's a mission to help the city's "littlest angels" by raising funds to operate a bloodmobile for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. 2007 is especially important as the CHLA's bloodmobile will be making it's first public appearance after a four year quest to raise funds to purchase this vehicle that will save the lives of thousands of Children.

Heumann first became aware of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles' need for a bloodmobile four years ago when a young family friend, Emily was diagnosed with leukemia. "We wanted to do a blood and marrow drive at her elementary school, but the hospital didn't have the resources or a bloodmobile to do an off-site blood drive," Heumann remarked. "We had to pay to get the City of Hope and the Red Cross to come out - and even then Childrens Hospital didn't get the blood directly." Tragically, Emily's brother was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma a rare form of bone cancer just a couple of years after his sister Emily was diagnosed with Leukemia. Emily is a healthy teenager now in remission from the cancer. Emily's younger brother Max died last year at the age 11 from bone cancer.

Heumann decided that Childrens Hospital needed its own bloodmobile and committed himself to that cause. He resolved to raise funds for the bloodmobile by donating the annual Volvo City of Angels Fun Ride's profits to the bloodmobile fund. Volvo, the Fun Ride's sponsor, embraced the cause as well, and the ride's more than 1,400 cyclists also donated extra dollars.

To date, thanks in large part to Volvo taking on the charity drive as a cause of its own, more than $200,000 was raised, and the Fun Ride and Volvo are pleased to have assisted Los Angeles Children's Hospital in reaching its goal to purchase the bloodmobile to benefit the children of Los Angeles. The bloodmobile is now operating and will make its first appearance at this year's City of Angels Fun Ride - so all the riders can see what their participation in the ride has helped achieve. The bloodmobile has been affectionately renamed the "Maxmobile", in honor of Max Buelow.

But Heumann hasn't stopped there.

For the past two years, the ride and its enthusiasts have given even more - donating blood at the Fun Ride for Childrens Hospital. Last year's blood drive was a huge success. "This year we want to help Childrens Hospital save even more lives by having their largest blood drive ever," Heumann added. "Our goal is to collect more than 100 units of blood, which would save hundreds of children's lives." Each unit of adult blood can save up to three children's lives.

The Fun Ride is hosting the blood drive for Childrens Hospital at the Los Angeles Police Academy parade grounds from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. To make an appointment, call the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Blood Donor Center at 323-669-2441.

Registration applications for the Fun Ride can be obtained online at or, or at Southern California bicycle retail stores. Pre-registration must be postmarked by April 14, 2007, and the cost is $25. After April 14, the registration fee is $30.

Produced by Heumann Powered Productions, the Volvo City of Angels Fun Ride celebrates the outdoor lifestyle that IS Southern California. For more information on the ride and the blood drive, check out; e-mail; or call the pre-recorded public information hotline at 818-377-2006. The Volvo City of Angels Fun Ride is sponsored by Volvo, Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club, KHS Bicycles, and is produced by Heumann Powered Productions.


Volvo CIty of Angels Fun Ride
(818) 377-2006

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