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Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition

Wicked Fast - Wicked FREE

Salt Lake City, Utah

Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition (WFSN), the company behind the latest endurance products Energ-Ease and Recover-Ease, today announced a FREE product promotion exclusive to bicycle retailers.

In anticipation of InterBike later this month, WFSN is offering bicycle retailers a supply of FREE product samples (in addition to its 20% discount on wholesale orders during the month of September).

According to Chief Scientific Officer and founder of WFSN, Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., "We want shop owners to 'share the love' so to speak  by providing their customers with free samples of Energ-Ease and Recover-Ease."

Coming on the heels of a successful Summer where WFSN products were highlighted in two scientific presentations and distributed to thousands of endurance athletes at dozens of events, this FREE sample program allows bicycle retailers to offer their customers a free trial the latest sports nutrition products. "We know that when people try, they buy," said Talbott. "We know that the products work, we have thousands of professional and amateur athletes around the country using them  so were thrilled with this new program to get as many samples out there so athletes can feel the benefits for themselves."

"We know how hard it is to balance the demands of training and racing with work and family," said Talbott, a multi-Ironman finisher and avid 24-hour mountain biker. "We're doing it too, and that's why are products are studied to help you energize for your workouts and then recover from those efforts."

Research studies on Energ-Ease and Recover-Ease have shown metabolic benefits that can help endurance athletes to train harder, recover faster, and avoid the "catabolic state" that leads to overtraining, injury and poor performance.

"The bottom-line is simple," says Dr. Talbott, "Our products work  we've shown it in the lab, and we've shown it in the heat of competition  and now bicycle retailers can not only stock Energ-Ease and Recover-Ease, but can also let customers 'try before they buy' and reap the benefits of heightened endurance and recovery."

Look for Team Recover-Ease and the Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition crew at triathlons, adventure races, marathons, and mountain bike races across the country. For more information about Energ-Ease or Recover-Ease, visit their websites ( and

About Wicked Fast
Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition is a developer of science-based, patented, research-proven natural products for endurance athletes. Its popular Energ-Ease and Recover-Ease nutrition products have been used by thousands of athletes around the country to achieve their physical and mental peak performances. For technical information about products and research, contact Shawn Talbott, Ph.D. at or 801-915-1170. For product orders, contact Julie Talbott at or 801-523-3522.


Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition

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