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Used Bicycle Buyer

Used Bicycle Buyer Signs Three Sales Rep Firms

Ashland, Virginia

Used Bicycle Buyer (UBB), a nation-wide used bike buying service, offering trade-in programs for IBDs, has contracted with three top rep firms to expand its network of participating independent bike dealers. Currently, a select group of IBDs is using the Used Bicycle Buyer Trade-In Program to assist their high-end bicycle selling efforts and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The firms which have recently contracted with UBB to represent the program are:

Tri Marketing Group, Inc.
(TX, AR, LA, OK)
Tim Goodwin - President

Moore Active LLC
(MN, WI, ND, SD, IA)
Ryan Hall - Owner

Goliath, Inc.
(OH, MI, IN, KY)
Kevin Gamper - President

Together, these firms comprise of 8 representatives, giving UBB coverage in 13 states. UBB states that representatives in other territories have been identified and that they are working through contracts. Interested representatives should contact Mike Cousino (contact information below) to learn more about the program.

Michael Cousino, UBB's Director of Marketing says, "The caliber of the reps we have assembled is exceptional. We have attracted industry veterans with highly respected lines. They are all well regarded by their dealers, peers and competitors. I am pleased that these A-team agencies have quickly identified the opportunity UBB offers dealers as well as the industry as a whole."

Tim Goodwin of Tri Marketing Group echoed that sentiment, "We saw the future and huge potential of UBB, that's one of the reasons why we jumped on so fast. This dealer friendly program allows TMG to better partner with our dealers." UBB's other rep firms agree that the trade-in program will differentiate them from other firms in their territories; "It's a unique and viable strategy for a dealer to sell more bikes and encourage profitable upgrades," said Greg Allen of TMG. And, Kevin Gamper of Goliath Inc., told UBB, "We are pleased to have this unique program in our toolbox. The trade-in program will help dealers overcome a frequent obstacle to a high-end bike sale; the dollars customers have tied up in their current bikes."

"The response to the UBB trade-in program by thought leaders in the cycling industry has reaffirmed our vision that UBB can create a competitive advantage for the IBDs who are selected to join our program," says Seth Schmidt, UBB's founder and President. UBB's intent is to assemble a network of approximately 300 IBDs over the next few months and then to support them hands-on in the field through its network of independent representatives.

About Used Bicycle Buyer
Used Bicycle Buyer, a division of SMASH Direct LLC, located in Ashland, Virginia, buys used bikes through participating IBDs, providing them with an easy way to accept trade-ins on new bike purchases. Accepting trade-ins helps dealers attract new customers, close more sales and differentiate themselves from competitors. Contact Mike Cousino at (440) 653-0076, or


Used Bicycle Buyer
(804) 752-2288 ext 11

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