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BoomerangIt, Inc./National Bike Registry

BoomerangIt and National Bike Registry (NBR®)
Give Owners and Campus Police An
Easy-To-Use Resource to Return Stolen Bikes

San Leandro, California
BoomerangIt and National Bike Registry (NBR®) <br>
Give Owners and Campus Police An<br> 
Easy-To-Use Resource to Return Stolen Bikes

Unique ID labels and recovery service help stolen bikes get back home

Imagine what it would be like to be dependent on your bicycle to get to school and work and have it get stolen.

Now imagine what it would be like to have it stolen and seeing someone else riding around on it. That's exactly what happened to Chris King, a college student in Mobile, AL.

Chris was going out and saw a bike that looked very much like his stolen one propped against the wall of a nearby restaurant. It turned out the bike belonged to a restaurant employee who said he had got it off some other guy. The buyer of the stolen bike told Chris they'd give him the bike back if he can prove it was his bike. Thanks to the National Bike Registry, now powered by BoomerangIt, Chris could. He printed his ownership certificate from the registry database and claimed his bike. He was ecstatic. "My bike was stolen from my apartment complex this past Christmas. It was locked but I guess the thief had no problem cutting the lock... It's miraculous. I showed [the purported owner] my BoomerangIt registration record for the bike and he gave the bike back to me with no problem," said King.

"I'm really stunned. I can't believe I got the bike back. I thought it was gone forever. BoomerangIt was the only proof that I owned the bike. I also contacted the bike manufacturer and my campus police department but they could not help me. BoomerangIt was the only source that had my bike's Serial Number because I had registered it with them. It is amazing. I am excited. I told many people about how I got my stolen bike back. Thank you."

College students are frequent victims of bicycle theft. College administrations are realizing that they can provide inexpensive bicycle registration that protects the student and enhances campus safety.

Consider the very successful bicycle registration program at Judson College in Elgin, IL, which started the program in 2005. A lot of the Judson staff have their bikes registered, too, including the college president, Jerry Cain.

"Having the support of the administration is a key factor for the success of the program," said Dennis Hood of the Judson College Department of Public Safety. "We have a three-level warning program we call 'Gotcha' where we tag the unregistered bikes and on the third warning we install a Judson 'boot' until it is registered."

Dennis also shares an interesting story to encourage others to register to avoid being left empty handed.

"Last fall we provided the NBR registration packs to one of our professors, but he never got to actually register his bikes. Recently he stopped by to tell me he took two bikes on his vacation trip south. While he was loading his luggage, someone lifted one of his bikes off his vehicle. The police officer investigating told him that a bike is stolen every so many seconds and few are returned. His comment to me was that he had the opportunity and failed to register his bikes here on campus, and has lost the chance of getting his stolen bike back even if police find it. He indicated I could tell his story and I asked him to encourage others to register to avoid his unpleasant situation."

"In cases like these, people usually don't expect to see their bike again," said Eddie Orton, president of BoomerangIt and the National Bike Registry. "This is where BoomerangIt can be a great resource to police departments and bike owners across the nation." The unique BoomerangIt NBR bike registration service is available online at and, as well as from participating police departments and bike retail stores nationwide. With the low-cost service, a bicycle owner obtains an ID label, applies it to the bike and then records the serial number and description of the bike in the company's secure database by phone, by mail, or online.

The finder of a bicycle, either the police or a Good Samaritan, can call 800-848-BIKE or access the NBR website to trigger a notification to the owner. Police departments also receive free 24/7 password-protected access to the NBR registry to cross-reference recovered bikes and are listed on the NBR website.

BoomerangIt and NBR are the official bicycle registration and recovery service of the National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff® the Crime Dog. For more information on how to join and become an Official Bike Registration Station, call 800-848-BIKE, EXT. 105.

About The National Bike Registry (NBR®)
A division of BoomerangIt, The National Bike Registry ( is the leader in the bike security industry. We have more than 300,000 bikes and scooters registered in our system. The National Bike Registry works with law enforcement agencies around the country to return lost and stolen bikes and scooters to their rightful owners.

About BoomerangIt BoomerangIt ( based in San Leandro, Calif., is a global lost and found return service that works with law enforcement and others to return lost and stolen property to its rightful owners. BoomerangIt provides an easy, inexpensive means to label and identify valuable items. It is also a theft deterrent, as studies indicate thieves are less likely to steal marked property. Founded in 2001, BoomerangIt now has more than one million members and is the official lost and found service of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), with a portion of sales benefiting the "McGruff® the Crime Dog" programs. For more information or to purchase BoomerangIt labels and tags, visit or call 800-2Boomit (800-226-6648).

Mariya Grigorova
BoomerangIt/National Bike Registry

Tonya Lucchetti-Hudson
Judson College


BoomerangIt, Inc./National Bike Registry
(510) 297-4413

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BoomerangIt and National Bike Registry (NBR®)
Give Owners and Campus Police An
Easy-To-Use Resource to Return Stolen Bikes

BoomerangIt and National Bike Registry (®) Help Bike Owners Fulfill Their Dream
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