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Foot Fitting, LLC

Foot Fitting to supply American superstars with the world's most precise anatomically correct Footbeds

Scottsdale, Arizona
Foot Fitting to supply American superstars with the world's most precise anatomically correct Footbeds

George Hincapie, Floyd Landis and David Zabriskie will blaze the 2006 European racing scene with an invisible advantage. This advantage is the product of a patented 3D Digital Laser technology. 3D Tru Capture™ is the brainchild of Bill Peterson, a 30 year veteran of the orthotic and footwear industry. Peterson and Foot Fitting have brought footbed and orthotic technology out of the dark ages into the digital age.

If you are attending Interbike, come to Foot Fitting's booth (#214) and meet George Hincapie, David Zabriskie and Floyd Landis in person. Foot Fitting will showcase their footbed technology and offer free 3D Digital foot scans during Interbike. This is a great opportunity to experience the technology that will be a part of the future successes of these great athletes.

Autograph signing times: Thursday September 28th 12:00 -- Floyd Landis and David Zabriskie Thursday September 28th 16:00 -- George Hincapie

3D Tru Capture™ is a patented bio-dynamic air pillow that allows the foot to be properly aligned and supported before the 3D digital laser scans the foot. Foot Fitting's air pillow enables the technician to align the foot and lower leg to perfection. The air pillow is mounted on a rotating dial that allows the lower leg and knee to be aligned to the foot. The combination of bio-dynamic pillow, certified technician and tibial alignment dial ensures the best possible power transfer.

In a sport that is decided by fractions of a second these footbeds will be an integral part of these key riders equipment. Foot Fitting is proud to partner with these superstars to help increase power output through the proper alignment of the foot, ankle, tibia and knee.

Interbike attendees can experience this landmark technology for themselves! Foot Fitting is offering an Interbike special price (25% discount). Details of employment opportunities will be available from Foot Fitting at booth #214.

About Foot Fitting:
Foot Fitting's corporate offices are located in Scottsdale Arizona. All scanning is performed using completely mobile scanning kiosks that are operated by highly trained technicians. Foot Fitting's manufacturing and process development team is also located in Scottsdale. Foot Fitting's business model is based on bringing its state of the art equipment and trained staff to wherever appropriate foot scanning opportunity exists.

Foot Fitting currently services the medical and rehab community, corporations, law enforcement agencies, security personnel, retail, manufacturing companies, major sporting events and sports/leisure participants of all levels.

Foot Fitting is currently placing qualified Foot Fitting certified specialists all over the USA. Foot Fitting will have a major presence in most major metropolitan areas.


Foot Fitting, LLC
(480) 222-7333



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