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BH Emotion Bikes North America, LLC

Emotion Meets Function, Quality and FUN with BH Emotion e-Bikes

Boulder, Colorado
Emotion Meets Function, Quality and FUN
with BH Emotion e-Bikes

It's more than emotion that will draw customers to the new line of European-quality, pedal-assist e-bikes from BH Emotion Bikes North America. It's the 21st century technology coupled with old-school flowing frame design and new school looks. Plus, BH e-bikes offer recession-busting affordability and FUN.

The new BH Emotion e-bike line features:

- European design and quality.

- Integrated bottom bracket system with a toque sensor that instantly adjusts the level of assistance depending on rider exertion.

- 250 watt or 350 watt brushless Panasonic motors that assures smooth pedaling and quiet operation. Plus, the instant a rider stops, so does the assistance.

- Low motor/battery center-of-gravity ensures smooth and natural bike handling.

- Three pedal assist modes - Eco, Normal and Sport - for efficient energy consumption.

- New technology Panasonic compact battery that is: 20% lighter than the competition; fast charging (80% charge in 1.5 hours); no "memory effect"; and minimum deterioration after intensive use.

"We are very excited about the entire line of our e-bikes," says Chuck Ankeny, President of BH Emotion North America, "especially the new wallet-friendly NEO line which offers elegant design, smooth, silent power and light weight all at affordable price points."

While BH has been selling its high-end e-bikes in North America for years, 2012 marks the first time the NEO line of pedal-assist electric bikes will cross the Atlantic from Spain.

The bikes, which are built in Portugal and Taiwan, feature one of four different motor technologies. Premium bikes feature either the time-tested Panasonic or new Bosch bottom bracket system. The newest line of bikes are called NEO and feature proprietary rear motor system offers a smooth, efficient ride on a quality bike that is stylish and light weight.

"Over the past years, users of pedal-assist hybrids have told us that they'd like to have a less visible battery," says Alex Zuloaga, BH Marketing Manager. "The NEO embodies our new concept of the e-bike: An electric bike that at first site no-one can tell whether it's a pedal-assist or a conventional bicycle."

For 2012, BH will provide to the North American market 26 different e-bike models across four product categories: City, Cross, Sport and Travel, which means the company can offer an e-bike to fit any riding style and pocketbook.

BH bikes will be available for viewing and test rides at Interbike in Las Vegas (Sept 14-16) at booth 35088 on the street level and are being sold though independent bicycle shops throughout North America.

About BH Emotion North America, LLC
BH Bikes is the number one global producer and designer of e-bikes. Designed in Vitoria, Spain, BH offers the world's lightest and most affordable e-bikes that feature style, function and fun. For details go to:


BH Emotion Bikes North America, LLC
(303) 586-1544



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