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Sports Beans by Jelly Belly

Sport Beans Expands Line with New Protein Recovery Crisps

Fairfield, California
Sport Beans Expands Line with New Protein Recovery Crisps

Sport Beans Addition Helps Rebuild Muscles

The new Sport Beans® Protein Recovery Crisps™ from Jelly Belly Candy Company delivers a new option for muscle recovery following intense training or competition. These great tasting post-performance crisps are formulated with proteins to rebuild muscle, and balanced with carbohydrates to replenish energy stores.

This is a first-of-its kind product for the company and the newest addition to the growing Sport Beans line.

Sport Beans Protein Recovery Crisps combines two sources of protein - whey and pea - in a bite-sized crisp. The crispy center is made of pea protein, known for ease of digestion, lack of allergens and essential amino acids for muscle restoration. The texture of the post-performance crisp mimics a malt ball, and because the flavors are from Jelly Belly, athletes know they are in for a great taste.

The centers are covered in a layer of whey protein and sealed with a protective thin shell. Each 1.5-oz. bag provides 10g of protein, which is more than a serving of milk.

Vanilla, Chocolate or Berry Smoothie flavors are available in 1.5-oz. pouches, perfect for replenishing the body after endurance activities such as running, cycling and swimming.

Protein Recovery Crisps are ideal for amateur and professional athletes to add to their sports nutrition strategy. Studies have shown that the combination of protein and simple carbohydrates is highly-effective in rebuilding and restoring muscles, preparing them for the next workout. When both carbohydrate and protein are eaten soon after exercise, glycogen stores rebuild, muscle protein production is promoted and immune system strength may be boosted. While Sport Beans Protein Recovery Crisps have not yet been tested directly, research studies using similar protein and carbohydrate sources show these recovery benefits.

"This is a natural expansion to our Sport Beans line," said Rob Swaigen, vice president of marketing for Jelly Belly Candy Company. "Now athletes can build their own personal fuel plans with a combination of Sport Beans Energizing jelly beans and our new Protein Recovery Crisps." The Sport Beans Protein Recovery Crisps are gluten free, peanut free, OUD kosher certified, and contain calcium, vitamin B and vitamin D with flavors and colors from natural sources.

Additional information on Sport Beans jelly beans is available from the Jelly Belly Hotline at (800) 522-3267, at and on Facebook at Retailers should contact Jelly Belly Candy Customer Service by calling (800) 323-9380.


Sports Beans by Jelly Belly
(800) 323-9380

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Sport Beans Expands Line with New Protein Recovery Crisps



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