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JD Europe Components GmbH

TranzX Power Support Technology comes to America

Frankfurt, Germany
TranzX Power Support Technology comes to America

JD Group, manufacturer of mobility products and bike components, announces its plan to introduce TranzX Power Support Technology, its top selling line of pedal-activated drive systems for bicycles, to North American manufacturers and industry representatives at the upcoming Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas September 24-26, 2008. The trade show marks the beginning of a dedicated effort to expand TranzX PST to the United States and Canada.

TranzX Power Support Technology (TranzX PST) propels bicycles by the latest in efficient and lightweight electric technology, letting riders experience intuitive power with the feel and ease of the natural movement linked to quality pedal-only bicycles. Virtually maintenance-free, the high-tech system offers smoother acceleration, low running costs, simple operation, low noise and zero emissions.

As a key OEM provider to a host of popular bicycle brands, JD designed this innovative technology to deliver unprecedented versatility to bicycle manufacturers, allowing them to easily adapt the technology to their own designs and frames.

TranzX Power Support Technology made its debut at the Taipei Cycle Show in early 2007 and was introduced to the European market in September of last year. It has since become the choice of several high-profile bicycle manufacturers and one of the top selling systems in Europe.

TranzX PST raises the bar of pedal-assisted drive technology

The TranzX PST product family consists of two distinctly different drive systems  The second-generation Torque Sensor (TS) system and the newly introduced RPM Sensor (RS) system  and features overall performance superior to many competing drive systems, which are often designed strictly for high power use and exhibit harsh ride qualities. TranzX PST powered bicycles deliver both the high performance and smooth ride demanded by riders.

Electric bicycles outfitted with either system are as easy to ride as regular bikes. Riders do not need to bother with a throttle or advanced handlebar controls.

TranzX PST Torque Sensor System. Performance like no other

TranzX PST/TS combines state-of-the-art technologies featuring the patented Torque Measuring Method (TMM4), delivering tremendous improvements to riding performance, weight and efficiency  boasting components that have an inconspicuous, stylish and sophisticated appearance. TranzX PST/TS marks the significant progress that JD Group continues to make in advancing the real-world performance and the appeal of electric-powered bicycles.

Assisting the rider, TranzX PST/TS powers bicycles through the use of a low-noise and highly efficient motor and using the innovative TMM4 torque sensor that provides constant feedback to determine the amount of assistance required, depending on the riding conditions. The system naturally responds to the rider's every pedaling stroke, progressively increasing power when riding uphill or facing head winds.

The small and lightweight 250 Watt brushless electric hub motor is available in 24 volt and 36 volt models for either 26 or 28 inch wheels.

A multifunctional LCD display screen with touch controls lets the rider choose from three different drive programs  economy, cruising and climbing mode  and provides real-time info on speed, distance and battery life. Built into the display is an innovative intelligent monitoring system that alerts the rider should the TranzX PST components malfunction or need service. TranzX PST Dynamic Diagnostic System (DDS) allows dealers to quickly detect and solve most service problems by identifying the actual system failure through the use of specific error codes - thus, resulting in less warranty work and cost for the original equipment manufacturer.

The rear rack carrier is elegantly styled and perfectly integrates the controller and battery. The battery seamlessly snaps into the controller forming a complete unit that is perfectly balanced and reduces the wiring needed on the bike. TranzX PST/TS comes with a choice of four different detachable battery configurations. The 36V 10AH Lithium-Ion battery delivers an extended range of up to 45 miles under normal road conditions while a 36V 7AH Lithium-Ion battery sacrifices range capacity (maximum range 30 miles) in exchange for less weight. Also available is a Lithium-Ion 24V 10AH (max. range 30 miles) as well as a compact Ni-MH 24V 9AH (max. range 27 miles).

TranzX PST RPM Sensor System. High torque and great value

TranzX PST/RS is a versatile drive system engineered to deliver continuous power support until the cutoff speed is reached. A speed sensor in the hub motor combines with an RPM crank position sensor to provide constant feedback of how fast the bike is moving. TranzX PST/RS does not incorporate the high-tech torque sensor used in TranzX PST/TS. This drive system can be easily fitted onto any frame giving manufacturers greater flexibility. And it gives OEMs an alternative and cost-effective solution to better meet the demand for electric power-assisted bikes with a quality entry-level system.

The strong quiet electric motor is powered by either a 24-volt 9AH nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery or an advanced Lithium-Ion battery 24V 9AH - both let the rider travel as far as 30 miles per charge, with a maximum assisted speed of 15 mph. The battery is protected in JDs proprietary "strongbox" integrated in the rear carrier.

Available to the OEM market after Interbike

With the original equipment manufacturer in mind, TranzX PST is easier to assemble and designed to deliver maximum configurability to bicycle manufacturers. A plug and play system with fewer and uncomplicated wiring connections makes it even simpler to assemble.

The current TranzX PST product line will be available for delivery to North American bicycle manufacturers and OEMs immediately after the Interbike trade show.

About JD Group
JD Group is famous for having ignited the 20th century's last great fad when it created the kick scooter. Forbes magazine put JD's light-weight, aluminum miniscooter in a class with Crayola Crayons and Beanie Babies as one of the 10 most popular toys of the century.

The company began in 1986 in Changhua, Taiwan as a manufacturer of high-end aluminum bicycle frames and specialty components, which it continues to produce and market globally under TranzX, a global brand for quality bicycle components.

Today, JD Group is a world leader in mobility innovation, with an outstanding collection of quality brands across different product categories. These brands include: JD Bug, CityBug, JD Razor and TranzX. All of the products produced by JD have the quality and reputation for high standards that JD has established for over more than two decades.

As an OEM supplier, JD manufactures mobility products for many of the world's leading brands such as Coca Cola, Ferrari, Kawasaki, Pride Mobility, Razor, Red Bull and Swiss Army.

The JD Group has offices in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany and the United States. The conglomerate owns and operates three manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China.


JD Europe Components GmbH



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