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Pinhead Components, Inc.

Pinhead Locks Announces Improved Products

09.22.2009®, the industry leader in bicycle component locks, is proud to announce the following important bicycle news:

  • Pinhead will launch its new Bubble Lock technology at the 2009 Interbike show in Las Vegas. The Bubble Lock is Pinhead's improved version of the u-lock which protects the bicycle frame.
  • The Bubble lock features two security innovations. The first is a new bubbleshaped shackle with improved pry-bar resistance. The second is hidden access; the lock mechanism is hidden and cannot be seen.
  • When combined with existing Pinhead components locks now sold in retail stores, the Bubble Lock now provides complete theft protection for the entire bicycle, including the frame, wheels, seat and front fork/stem assembly.
  • This is the world's first one-key locking system for the bicycle frame and all major components. One key locks everything.

Pinhead component locks are now sold as by quality bicycle retailers throughout the North America, Europe and Asia. They can be installed on the front wheel, rear wheel, seat and headset of any bicycle to lock these components to the bicycle frame. These component locks use a special coded key to lock and un-lock all the components on that bicycle. Each key is different and comes with an engraved ninedigit code. Once installed, the Pinhead component locks remain on the bicycle when it is used, protecting these major components from theft. If you need to remove a component for bike maintenance, the special key lets you do this easily and quickly. Pinhead components locks are available in the following package configurations:

Pinhead products ( will be exhibited at Interbike 2009 in Booth 949 from Sept. 23-25, 2009 in Las Vegas.

Quotes and contacts:

Linda Young, Pinhead CEO, Edmonton, Canada

"We have worked on the Bubble Lock for several years through what seemed like an endless number of prototypes. We stayed committed to our goal of offering something better and different than other U-locks. We are excited about this new product. It provides the highest level of security for the consumer. It is attractive, and features two big improvements over other U-locks. Our new shackle shape offers better pry-bar protection. The lock also features a patented device we call 'hidden access'. The locking mechanism is hidden, and is not visible. It is much harder to break into something you can't see.

"The Bubble lock is a game-changer. Now the consumer can have one key to protect the entire bicycle including the frame and all major components. We are pleased that GT Bicycle have adopted our wheel, seat and headset component locks on their 2010 Traffic models. This has long been one of our goals to see Pinhead products as standard equipment on new bicycles. GT is one of the world's most successful bike brands and an industry leader in quality and innovation."

George Bowie, 2Pure, Bicycle Distributor, Kirkliston, U.K.

"Bicycle theft is a big issue for commuters in major cities. Many of these people must leave their bike exposed every day. In many places, if they can't steal the bike, they'll steal the parts. Given so much focus on security, sometimes the safety benefits of our products are overlooked. For example, our wheel locks ensure that your child's bicycle wheels have not been tampered with, or loosened. Our products add safety, as well as security, over other wheel, seat and headset fastening methods."

Patrick Kaye, Product Manager, GT Bicycles, Lake Forest, CA, USA

"We have adopted Pinhead wheel and seat locks on our 'Traffic' models for 2010 to provide the consumer with the benefit of security and safety for these major bike components. We believe this adds value to our products. Theft of bike components is a growing problem. The consumer needs this protection. Pinhead has the best component lock technology, and we are both committed to quality."

Tredz Talk, on-line blog, provides an independent review of the new GT Bicycle Traffic model with Pinhead component locks. commuter-hits-the-spot-in-2010.html


Pinhead Components, Inc.
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