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Pinhead Components, Inc.

Cycle Security and Safety Issues Addressed
by Unique Pinhead Locking System

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Cycle Security and Safety Issues Addressed <br>
by Unique Pinhead Locking System

Have you ever locked up your bike with a conventional U-lock and returned to find your wheels, seat, and handlebars stolen?

You can make sure it never happens again. The Pinhead patented locking system secures your individual bike components from tampering with or theft. Unlike a conventional U-lock, which only secures your bike frame, the Pinhead component locking system locks your front wheel, rear wheel, seat, and handlebars to your bicycle frame.

Each Pinhead locking component replaces the standard system that your bike is assembled with. Install the locking components, and then forget they're there. Once installed, the lightweight, durable, unobtrusive Pinhead locking fasteners remain on your bicycle when you ride, protecting your components from theft or tampered with. If you do need to remove a component for bike maintenance, a unique locking key lets you easily and quickly remove any component.

The Pinhead locking system is priced at roughly 15% of the replacement value of these components.

Pinhead not only works from a security perspective, it also gives you piece of mind from a safety perspective. Have you ever been out riding your bike and had a bad crash due to some one playing with the quick release system on your wheels? Or have your quick release skewers worked themselves loose due to poor maintenance and bad design?

Many bike riders would have encountered this issue at one time or another. However, in the state of New Jersey, USA, this has become such a problem that recent legislation has been brought in to ban the sale of bikes with quick release wheels. But carrying around a spanner in order to remove your tire in the event have a puncture is just not practical! Pinhead's locking system, provides riders with the certainty that there is going to be no malfunction with their quick release locking system, alongside which riders know that they can easily remove their tires to quickly fix a puncture with the unique locking key.

Linda Young, President at Pinhead Components, commented, "It is encouraging to see Pinhead Locks continue to expand its market share, I am happy to see how we can help with the Safety and Security of cyclist's today. The more people riding there bikes makes for a greener world. I am confident that we will continue to build on these successes throughout 2008."

Attention retailers and all Media:
Please visit us at Interbike Booth 1656 and Eurobike booth hall B4-stand 2068

For Further Information and Images please contact:

Jeremy Crook: Marketing Manager Tel: +44-871-231-9966

Linda Young: Company President Tel: +1-888-880-9080



Pinhead Components, Inc.
(780) 465 -5930

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Cycle Security and Safety Issues Addressed
by Unique Pinhead Locking System

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