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10 Nine 8

Rocket Shower® -- the "Showerless" Body Cleaner -- Now Being Distributed by Trek

Fredericksburg, Texas
Rocket Shower®  -- the

The world of cycling has just gotten a whole lot cleaner, because now IBDs can conveniently get their Rocket Shower fix through Trek.

With Rocket Shower, no need to worry about shower facilities at work. A few quick sprays of Rocket Shower all over your body (yes, even "down there") and you're ready for the day. The spray-on, wipe-off formula quickly and effectively cleans and refreshes the body, cools the skin and helps prevent even the worse body odor. Simple. And effective.

"I'm really excited that Trek has decided to distribute Rocket Shower to its dealers," says Linda DuPriest, founder of 10 Nine 8, the makers of Rocket Shower. "Trek's 'One World, Two Wheels' program and its 'Women Who Ride' club are key in getting more people on bikes. I'm very happy to be a part of company that is so forward thinking and making an impact on the cycling culture."

Rocket Shower removes one key obstacle for people looking to commute by bike: personal hygiene. Rocket Shower is formulated using witch hazel, citrus, mint, vitamin E and a trace amount of alcohol. Delivered via pump sprayer, the formula cleans by helping evaporate sweat and killing the bacteria that cause body odor. The lasting peppermint and grapefruit oils cool the skin and provide a fresh, clean feel and fragrance.

"I developed Rocket Shower after the office where I worked moved into a facility with no shower," says DuPriest. "At first I just used the product myself everyday after riding to work, then other bicycle commuters started asking for it. Now it's available to everyone."

DuPriest, who worked as the advocacy director at Specialized for a decade, says Rocket Shower is very popular with women cyclists, bike commuters, and triathletes who work-out numerous times each day but don't have the time to shower between exercises.

"I have found that once dealers try Rocket Shower they immediately see the benefits and order the product."

Rocket Shower comes in non-aerosol spray bottle sizes of 8.5 oz., 4 oz., and 2 oz., which is perfect for airplane carryon. The 8.5 oz size is also available in a fine mist sprayer. For those who want to spare the landfill and reuse their Rocket Shower sprayers, gallon and quart bulk refill sizes are available. The Rocket Shower product line also includes three versions of the Jet Pack™, a complete clean-up kit that fits easily into a messenger bag, backpack, airline carryon or checked luggage.

All 10 Nine 8 products are available through Trek or at or 512/785-7751.

About 10 Nine 8
10 Nine 8 produces Rocket Shower, the portable shower in a bottle, and Jet Packtravel packs for those needing a complete portable "showerless" shower kit. For complete details go to at


10 Nine 8
(512) 785-7751

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