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Rocket Shower® Solves Sweaty Problem for Bike Commuters: "Showerless" Body Cleaner Essential Commute Accessory

Fredericksburg, Texas
Rocket Shower® Solves Sweaty Problem for Bike Commuters:

Bicycle commuters are solving a key problem of human-powered transportation with Rocket Shower, a "showerless" body cleaner developed by a former industry advocate and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee.

Rocket Shower solves the problem of how active people can clean up after exercising when a shower is unavailable, or there's no time to take one. The spray-on, wipe-off formula cleans and refreshes the body quickly and effectively, cools the skin and helps prevent body odor. It's a perfect solution for bike commuters and other transportation cyclists who don't have shower facilities at their workplace or destination. Lunchtime runners and walkers, racers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and other active people are also using Rocket Shower for cleaning up in any "alternative" situation.

Developed by 10 Nine 8, a company started in Austin, Texas, Rocket Shower includes witch hazel, a small amount of alcohol, citrus, mint and vitamin E. Delivered via pump sprayer, it cleans by helping evaporate sweat quickly and killing the bacteria that cause body odor. Peppermint and grapefruit oils cool the skin and lend a fresh, clean fragrance.

Rocket Shower was formulated to effectively clean the body without additional water, making it easy for sweaty people in any situation to clean up quickly and conveniently.

"Rocket Shower is essential for bike commuting," said Linda DuPriest, 10 Nine 8 founder. "If you don't have a shower in your office, or you just need to be clean and presentable after your bike errand, Rocket Shower solves the problem. Our avid bike commuting customers are now buying it from us in bulk refill sizes so they never run out."

DuPriest developed Rocket Shower initially for her own use while cycling daily to an office with no shower facilities. Knowing that post-ride clean-up was an obstacle for many people who cycled to work or exercised during lunch hour, DuPriest saw the opportunity to bring this new product to market. Rocket Shower is helping many Americans deal with record-high gasoline prices by removing the personal hygiene obstacle from human-powered transportation. And it's doing it better than any other method.

"Many active people use baby or hand wipes to clean up after exercising, but those methods have major flaws," said DuPriest. "Baby wipes are formulated to clean babies, not sweaty adults. Rocket Shower is strong and effective for adult bodies. And the typical 'drug store' wipe's formula is not something you'd want to put all over your body."

Rocket Shower comes in spray bottle sizes of 8.5 oz., 4 oz., and 2 oz. for airplane carryon. Gallon and quart bulk refill sizes are available, as well, for those who wish to spare the landfill by reusing their sprayer. The product line also includes two versions of the Jet Pack", a complete clean-up kit that fits easily into a messenger bag or backpack. 10 Nine 8 products are available at or 512/785-7751.


10 Nine 8
(512) 785-7751

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