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Edge Composites LLC

Edge Composites Answers Lew Racing Legal Action

Ogden, Utah

To all Edge Composites Customers:

As you may know, on or around April 15, 2008, Lew Racing, Inc., Paul Lew and Lee Vaccaro (the "Lew Parties") filed an action against Edge Composites, LLC, and Jason Schiers (the "Edge Parties") in Nevada State Court. We believe that all of the allegations made by the Lew Parties are false and unfounded. A hearing on an application by the Lew Parties for a temporary restraining order was held on Wednesday, April 16, 2008, in Clark County, Nevada, at which the Edge Parties were successful in defeating the Lew Parties' application. Furthermore, on May 5, 2008, the Court issued a written ruling , which affirmed that prior ruling denying the Lew Parties' request for a temporary restraining order. The Court ruled that the Lew Parties failed to demonstrate that they were likely prevail on the underlying merits of their allegations against the Edge Parties. Moreover, the Court found that the Lew Parties failed to establish that they would be irreparably injured or damaged without the issuance of a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction.

The Court has made the correct decision both times in this matter, and we are confident that the Court will ultimately rule in favor of the Edge Parties on all issues. We know that litigation such as that involved in this matter may bring uncertainty to many of youour valued friends, distributors and customers. We sincerely apologize for any concern this matter may have caused you or your customers as a result of the Lew Parties' actions. We assure you that we have retained competent and experienced legal counsel to handle this matter in our behalf. Our team of attorneys are handling this matter so that it does not distract us from producing the finest composite cycling products on the market. We intend to aggressively pursue our defense in this matter until we have been cleared of any and all allegations of wrong doing.

Should you have any questions concerning the information contained herein, please contact our legal counsel, Blain H. Johnson, at the law offices of Smith Knowles, P.C. 4723 Harrison Boulevard, Suite 200, Ogden, Utah 84403, 801-476-0303.


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