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Dude Girl

Dude Girl's Small Idea for Cycling Fashion Makes a Big "Giddyup" in the Marketplace

Truckee, California
Dude Girl's Small Idea for Cycling Fashion Makes a Big

This is the sixth season of clothing production for Dude Girl. For a young company whose roots began in European bike tours, it is fitting that the piece of clothing that started its apparel chapter would be a big star. The Giddyup Cycling Jersey, originally designed as a souvenir for Dude Girl's tour clients, has been reported by REI to be the #1 best selling item in the shops that carry it.

Dude Girl's founder, Kim McElhinney, ended an arduous career in the dot com world by taking a vacation. It was on this high-end bike tour to Europe that she was inspired to blaze a trail for her own tour company. "I left the trip pretty sure I could do it better, so I started Dude Girl," says McElhinney. For the two years, McElhinney created and lead luxury trips for the athletically minded, taking her clients around the tour de France circuit on road bikes, to Bulgaria on mountain bikes, and on extended trail runs throughout the Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite.

The name Dude Girl comes from McElhinney's most defining influence in the realm of adventure - a book written about the true story of her cowgirl grandmother, Dorothy Dodge McElhinney when she made a pack trip with three girlfriends and twenty horses across the Rocky Mountains. "It was 1928," says McElhinney. "My grandmother was living in Wyoming, and when she planned to marry my grandfather (who lived in California), she had to find a way to move her twenty horses all that distance. Her solution was to organize a trip pack with her three best college girlfriends. They made the trip successfully and she started the Pinto Ranch, where I spent much of my childhood!"

The nature and spirit of the wild west are big influences on the design of Dude Girl's apparel. "We chose the word 'Giddyup' for our first cycling jersey because it embodies the unbridled enthusiasm we feel when we're engaged with our favorite activities," says McElhinney. "Giddyup has since become a kind of Dude Girl code word for 'Put your worries aside, get your kit on, let's go!'"

Along with Dude Girl's success in REI, the company has enjoyed being a featured brand at the opening of Mellow Johnny's, Lance Armstrong's new cycling shop in Austin, Texas. Dude Girl credits the Terry Bicycles catalog as the first major distributor of its cycling kit. For the Spring/Summer '09 season, McElhinney reports an exciting line-up of new items. "This season is really special," she says. "The colors and designs... I would go so far as to say we're broaching the cutting edge for cycling fashion."

To learn more about the Dude Girl cycling line and find a list of its current events and retailers, visit their website:


Dude Girl
(530) 587-3833

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