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Dude Girl

Dude Girls Give a Warm "Giddyup" to Lance Armstrong's New Cycling Shop

Truckee, California
Dude Girls Give a Warm

Mention the seemingly disparate destinations France and Texas in one sentence, and the name Lance Armstrong is sure to follow. But what do these things have to do with a cowgirl from California? Plenty, according to Kim McElhinney, owner of the spirited young company called Dude Girl whose Giddyup cycling kit was born in part from the inspiration Armstrong gave to all cyclists while he competed in the Tour de France.

Dude Girl's stylish cycling gear is featured in the grand opening of Lance Armstrongs new shop in Austin, Texas. Named Mellow Johnny's for the sobriquet Armstrong earned while wearing the yellow jersey - or maillot jaune - during his famous success in the tour, the shop opens May 10th. And McElhinney wouldn't miss it.

"This is part of the ongoing, very personal story of Dude Girl," says McElhinney. "Starting in 2000, I flew to France six years in a row to experience the Lance Armstrong cycling phenomenon and the excitement of the Tour de France. These trips bear a large responsibility for the beginning of Dude Girl."

Armstrong isn't the only strong-willed influence in Dude Girl's inception. Started in 2002, McElhinney named her company after a book written about her grandmother - a remarkable woman who made a pack trip with four college girlfriends and twenty horses across the Rocky Mountains in 1928 in order to pioneer a ranch in California.

Dude Girl's Giddyup cycling jersey was originally designed as a souvenir when McElhinney began to lead groups through the Tours de France circuit six years ago. When the spunky, stylish jersey was met with voracious demand, she took it as a sign: the time was right to build the clothing brand.

"I could have never predicted the success of our Giddyup kit when we first made it," says McElhinney. "Now it's the number one selling cycling item in the REI stores that carry it! And it's a higher-end item."

With the throngs of enthusiastic cyclists bound for Mellow Johnny's it's likely that she'll have the same success in the cowgirl friendly Austin. "I couldn't wish for a more perfect culmination of my love for the Tour de France, my respect for Lance Armstrong's cycling achievements and my gratitude for what he has done for the sport," says McElhinney.

About Dude Girl
Born out of the life and spirit of the founder's grandmother, Dorothy Dodge McElhinney, as well as her own adventure travel beginnings, today Dude Girl is an apparel company geared toward athletic souls who like to play hard, get dirty, laugh and share the joy of sport. Dude Girl products consist of clothing for Cycling, Running, Yoga and Casual Outdoor Lifestyle. For more about the Dude Girl story, a list of its current events and to find retailers, visit its website:


Dude Girl
(530) 587-3833

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