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Recycled Bike Art

Recycled Bike Art: Looking for a Few Good Dealers

Falmouth, Maine
Recycled Bike Art:  Looking for a Few Good Dealers

Like a caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly, Recycled Bike Art transforms discarded bike parts into beautiful, functional art. And the company is looking for IBDs in which to share and sell its creations.

Founded by lifelong cyclist and artist, Angela Armstrong, Recycled Bike Art specializes in a wide variety of bicycle art. Chain links, a single freewheel cassette and colored glass become functional coasters. Small bike parts encased in wax are transformed into candles. Clocks are made from a chain ring and stained glass. The company's jewelry line includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces and wine glass charms  all made with bicycle parts as an element of the design.

"Three years ago, I decided to unite two of my passions: bicycling and art," says Armstrong. "I first experimented with combining glass with a bicycle chain ring and I really liked the result. My friends thought the idea was great and then I started selling to bike stores. It's been rewarding and a lot of fun."

Plus, Recycled Bike Art is helping keep bike parts out of landfills. By collecting the parts from bicycle stores all over the country, Recycled Bike Art now offers shops a positive resource for disposing of their unwanted used parts. "The stores have been really great about donating. They love that I am able to take their old greasy bicycle parts and turn them into art."

In addition, all bicycle stores who contribute parts are listed on the Recycled Bike Art website as well as all stores who retail Recycled Bike Art products. And the company makes it easy for IBDs to sell its art. Dealers enjoy no minimum orders plus free shipping on the first purchase.

To see the complete line of Recycled Bike Art go to To set up an account e-mail:, or call (207) 838-2804.

About Recycled Bike Art
Recycled Bike Art specializes in hand-made art made from discarded bike parts. The company's clocks, coasters, jewelry, candles and other art is aimed at the cycling enthusiast wanting to enjoy bicycling while off the bike. For more information go to


Recycled Bike Art
(207) 838-2804



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