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Chariot Carriers Inc.

Two World Records Set with Chariot Carriers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Two World Records Set with Chariot Carriers

Earth might not seem so small if you are running around it. Just ask Jesper Olsen of Denmark who has just finished a 16,000 mile around-the-globe world-record run. During his 22-month journey, the 34-year-old averaged more than a marathon or 26.2 miles per, went through 26 pairs of running shoes, and took his gear with him by pushing a Chariot Cougar 1.

"Running the world is the ultimate challenge," said Jesper at the start in Greenwich, England, chosen for OhOO GMT, thus a fitting start and end point. "It's been attempted several times, but as yet unconquered, which was part of the drive for me. There is sadly so much conflict in the world, but the support that I have seen from all of the countries that I have run through has been phenomenal. It has been an amazing experience."

Also using a modified Chariot Carrier Cougar 1 during a world record attempt was Joe "Trek" Rehana of Carterville, Illinois. Joe broke the world distance record of 2,921 miles for the longest continuous in-line skate. He accomplished his feat in 72 days by skating along the eastern roads of Australia, from Sydney to Darwin.

"There's no particular reason I'm doing this, other than just a personal goal that I've had," Joe said, in talking with a reporter from ABC Northwest Queensland. "Twelve years ago I did a similar trip in the U.S. coast to coast and upon completion of that trek I thought it would be very interesting to do something of sorts again, so here I am in a much bigger more desolate environment of course."

While the Chariot Cougar 1 is not only great for transporting gear for world record adventures, it is also perfect for the active parent who wants to take his child with him or her while running, bicycling, strolling even hiking and cross-country skiing. The Cougar 1 features aerodynamic design and lightweight wheels which make the carrier fast, smooth and responsive. For child comfort and safety, the Cougar offers a strong all-aluminum frame, a deluxe shoulder harness and an ultra-padded and integrated seating system that easily accommodates growing children.

"We are incredibly proud of Jesper Olsen and Joe Rehana and of the Cougar 1," says Jeff Mah, Chariot's Marketing Coordinator. "Jesper and Joe's athletic adventures prove what the human body and spirit can accomplish. And the Cougar 1 has demonstrated that it's great for a jog around the block or a run around the world."

About Chariot Carriers
Chariot Carriers, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer focused on innovative child carriers for the active parent. Its CTS" technology allows a carrier to be easily transformed for cycling, jogging, strolling, hiking or skiing. Various unique accessories allow the carriers to be used with babies young as a few weeks old  in strolling mode. For more information, log onto the Internet at, or call 1-800-262-8651.


Chariot Carriers Inc.

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