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KMX America LLC

KMX Unveils Seven New Models

Urbana, Ohio
KMX Unveils Seven New Models

Trikes Improve on Engineering ... and the Fun Factor

Five years ago KMX Karts, Ltd. incited a cycling revolution with its new, daring X Class sport trike, which combined the ruggedness of a mountain bike with the rebellious character of a BMX.

Now, ready for 2008, KMX unleashed seven new models at Interbike. They embody the free-wheeling spirit of the original trikes, and come in a variety of price points and configurations to appeal to the diverse preferences and budgets of on- and off-roading cyclists.

Bryan Ball, Managing Editor for says, "My vote for most improved product has to go to KMX. Their new line of trikes is night and day compared to the old ones. The new machines all have new names, new seats and a new direct steering set-up. I test rode the mid-range Viper and its handling was superb."

Each of the new sports and performance trikes holds a price-competitive edge in its market niche. The new models offer excellent quality and value for the money; they ratchet up the fun factor of the first generation of KMXs with refined engineering and higher end components that put KMX on the radar of discerning cyclists.

Pre-orders are now being taken for delivery in February 2008.

New features of the 2008 models include:

  • Improved frame angles that increase ground clearance while maintaining KMX's low center of gravity
  • Highly responsive direct steering designed for sharp, fast turns, putting the rider in the driver's seat
  • A hard-shell seat with an inter-cooling vent system for a supportive, comfortable, breathable ride. The seat frame, adjustable for angle and position, accommodates riders of many sizes.
  • A stronger-but-lighter-than-steel chromoly frame–a trait the new KMX performance models share with their two-wheeled kin, the BMX
  • Over-sized super glide pulleys for smooth chain management.
  • Simple and quick assembly

And the new trikes are backed by KMX's commitment to excellent, responsive customer service.

Here's a quick review of the new KMX fleet:

  • Two sports models for kids, starting at $399–the single-speed Storm, a brand new entry for younger children (6- to 10-year-olds), and the 7-speed Cyclone for 10- to 14-year-olds, replacing the original children's model, the K Class.

  • Two adult sport trikes. The 7-speed Tornado is an economical entry level model ($799). A dependable, sturdy trike, it's just right for resorts and the bike rental trade. And the Tornado can be upgraded with higher end components to bring it in line with more sophisticated trikes. For another $200 the 8-speed Typhoon is equipped with spoked wheels and double-skinned alloy rims. The sport trikes are outfitted with Tektro disc brakes, SRAM components and 20-inch rear tires and a 16-inch front tire.

  • Three adult performance models–the Cobra, Viper and the top-of-the-line Venom, which is the first recumbent equipped with racing bike road components. (KMX had to get permission from SRAM for this distinctive outfitting.) A fast, robust trike, Venom is the only road-specific member of KMX's new fleet. The other KMXs, like their predecessors, are as much at home off road as on. The performance trikes have 24-inch rear tires and a 20-inch front tire–knobby Kenda tires on the Cobra and Viper and a lighter wheelset, with Schwalbe tires, on the Venom.

    The performance models range in price from $1,399 to $2,999.

    Look for the KMX 2008 model Web site,, which will be launched in December 2007. Until then, to learn more about the new line of KMX trikes, contact Dave Faulkner, Manager, KMX America, at or 1-866-299-8473.


    KMX America LLC
    (937) 408-9049

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