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Cal Springs, LLC

Flat Screen HDTV Give Away - 41 Inches of Viewing Pleasure

Santa Fe Springs, California
Flat Screen HDTV Give Away - 41 Inches of Viewing Pleasure

The oddsmakers in Las Vegas are attempting to get a line on this competition. Dealers all over America will be coming to booth 6618 to place their orders for the new STOP Flats 2 Tire liners or California Springs water bottles. Each order will qualify the retailer for one chance to win a 42" Flat Screen LCD, High Definition TV. Cal Springs, LLC., who is offering the prize, was reluctant to estimate the final odds. "We suspect that we will receive at least 100 orders prior to or during the show. If a shop buys a qualifying order of each product, they would have two chances out of 100 to win." This according to company president, Steve Finch.

"On the other hand, with the new products being offered in both lines, we might actually see a feeding frenzy. You see, the deals are so good, we probably didn't need the free TV to get folks to buy. However, we just purchased the company and we wanted to make a big splash at our first show."

"So there might turn out to be 200 or 300 or even 500 orders, and that would make the odds 250 to 1 if you bought both programs. Now, I suppose if someone had 3 stores and bought both offers for each store, they could get their odds down under 100 to 1 even if 500 orders are placed. One thing is certain. The odds on this competition are better than anything in the casinos."

New from Cal Springs will be the most complete selection of any tire liner brand in the industry. "We will retain the five original STOP Flats liners, and add 11 STOP Flats 2 products. With sizes starting at 27 x 1 and ranging all the way up to the new 29'ers, this dual durometer range has already been picked up by almost every major distributor in the country. We know they respect our quality, our marketing capability, and the new sizes... plus the fact that we're the world's most experienced tire liner maker - preventing puncture Flats for over 25 years. AND... STOP Flats comes with a lifetime guarantee - an industry exclusive!

The California Springs line of water bottles has been an industry standard since 1989. It was the first bicycle style water bottle to be 100% leakproof. It was the first to offer 4 color process printing. It was the first to offer more than a few cap color choices. Currently the offering is more than 50 cap colors.

Being introduced at Interbike is the new Classic with a Twist. That might sound oxymoronic, or it might sound like a bad Coca Cola joke. But it is true. The new bottle is a marriage between a wide mouth twist cap and the traditional classic body. Available in two sizes and 10 colors, those who profess to know, expect this to be the number one bicycle bottle within a year or two. Unless, of course, the folks at Cal Springs have an even better idea ready for the '08 show.

For more information on STOP Flats 2 guaranteed tire liners, visit

About Cal Springs, LLC
Cal Springs, LLC was formed in 2007 for the purpose of acquiring the assets of American Quality Products and AC Technologies, dba AC International. The new owners, Dan Oas and Steve Finch were seeking to acquire a US based manufacturing company with a product line that was unlikely to be going overseas. Both owners have extensive contacts in Asia and a wealth of experience importing from Asia, but felt that a great niche is still to be found in producing product in the US.

The assets purchased included the California Springs line of bicycle water bottles, the STOP Flats line of tire liners, and Quik Stik tire changing tool. Cal Springs has already added substantial capacity to the bottle manufacturing plant, and is intending to add several new products prior to the Spring of '08. Within 2 weeks of the acquisition, the company created an entire new brand of tire liners including three new sizes, and a new water bottle.


Cal Springs, LLC
(800) 245-3737

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