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Dinotte Lighting USA

DiNotte Lighting USA Offers LED Technology upgrade

Hampton, New Hampshire
 DiNotte Lighting USA Offers LED Technology upgrade

Even the Oldest of DiNotte Lights May Be Upgraded to Current Standards

DiNotte Lighting USA is pleased to announce its exciting summer upgrade program. This program will run between May 15th and July 31st, 2007. Benefits of this upgrade will vary from by model, but specifics can be found at

Once upgraded, the modified light will meet specifications of our 200L (200 lumen) light series lights providing a 30 – 150% increase in light output and up to a 25% increase in run time. 5W users will also notice a tighter spot and a more desirable beam pattern. In addition to the LED upgrade any other improvements incorporated into our design over the past three years will be applied to the legacy light. All 3W and 5W lights will be upgraded to 200L lights.

LED lighting has advanced significantly in the past five months and DiNotte Lighting USA wants to provide a means for its loyal customers to take advantage of these improvements. All new LED lights will be measured according to lumens, run time and beam pattern. It's time to forget statements of one vendor's lights being brighter than everyone else's and stick to measurable attributes.

In addition to LED upgrades, legacy lithium ion batteries and chargers can also be upgraded and customers will even have options to upgrade from AA lights to lithium ion systems. Upgrade pricing on all items is extremely aggressive and is unlikely to continue beyond the program's end date. Replacement pieces will not be sent to the customer until the legacy equipment has been returned to our location.

This will be a breakthrough year for LED based bicycle lights and we wanted to ensure our most loyal customers had an economical way to enjoy the recent improvement in technology. We believe this program is unprecedented in cycling and will make a statement to our customers that we are committed to serving them as well as this industry.

Our first customers were the early adopters of this technology and this program is our way of saying thank you for your loyalty and commitment to our company. For customers who are thinking about purchasing new headlights or tail lights, their purchase may earn them some credit to be used for upgrades.

For more information on this upgrade and instructions, please visit for specifics.



Dinotte Lighting USA
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