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Bionicon USA

Billy Goats, Snowboarders and Mountainbikes?

Ridgecrest, California
Billy Goats, Snowboarders and Mountainbikes?

Billy Goats, Snowboarders and Mountainbikes? In other words the Idea, the People and the Result, this is the story of BIONICON Backcountry Mountainbikes, the most high tech and innovative mountain bike in the world.

Andi Felsl, a Bavarian inventor and former pro snowboarder, conceived the idea of BIONICON in 1997 while on a mountain bike ride in the Alps. After an arduous climb, Felsl took a break and watched the wild goats bound up and down the rocky slope next to him. He noticed something interesting and was struck by an idea. The goats always kept their backs level while ascending or descending and thought a bike frame that mimics this action would be incredible. A bionic concept to create a bike with adjustable positioning that optimizes its performance for the climbs and descents. Recruiting the help of Stephan Albrecht, a snowboard designer and engineer, they created the designs and patents that would eventually become BIONICON Backcountry Mountainbikes.

BIONICON launched into the German mountain bike scene in 2001with technology so advanced that no one believed it or at the very least thought it gimmicky. Undiscouraged they knew it needed proper marketing and patience. Daniel Kohl, organizer of top-level snowboard competitions, joined BIONICON and brought his marketing experience to the table. After years of effort, BIONICON gained the recognition and respect for developing the most innovative mountain bike in the world and now is the fastest growing brand in the European market.

Time to take over the world, conquering the American market had to be next. They knew it must be done carefully and the right person would be key. The search began and at one of his competitions, Kohl found pro snowboarder Paul Ferguson, the 2002 N. American Free Ride Champ, entrepreneur and a bike mechanic, it was a perfect match. In the spring of 2005 Ferguson founded BIONICON USA and began the process of introducing this advanced mountain bike technology into the biggest market in the world. BIONICON is now gaining recognition in North America for its revolutionary suspension system and will soon change the standard of performance Mountain Bikes around the Globe.

Billy Goats, Snowboarders and Mountainbikes. Sometimes the most unlikely combinations have the ability to break away from the mold of what is thought possible and will generate innovative results that can change the direction an entire industry. This is BIONICON!


Bionicon USA
(760) 376-8600

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