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Lew Racing, Inc.

Lew Racing Teams with USA Cycling

Las Vegas, Nevada
Lew Racing Teams with USA Cycling

Looking to give American cyclists a competitive advantage, USA Cycling announced today a new partnership with Lew Racing. The Las Vegas-based company will utilize its aerodynamic technologies to help maximize the talent of U.S. riders as the latest addition to USA Cycling's high performance team.

Founded in 2007 by Paul Lew, Lew Racing is a product of his prior experience in the aerospace industry in which he designed advanced technology and manufactured aerospace components for the United States Government and commercial customers in the bicycle and motor sports markets.

Prior to the establishment of Lew Racing, Lew achieved a following among competitive cyclists and triathletes because of his advanced engineering and design capabilities. Over the course of the last seven years, world-class athletes have won world championships, Olympic medals and Ironman Championships as a result of Lew's contributions to the sport.

With just seven months until the 2008 Olympic Games, the relationship between Lew Racing and USA Cycling was forged to help enhance performance in a sport where results are often determined by fractions of a second.

"The United States currently has some of the most gifted cyclists in the world," said Steve Johnson, CEO of USA Cycling. "While these dedicated athletes are capable of winning on talent alone, even the slightest technological edge can mean the difference between gold and silver. We look forward to working with Lew Racing to develop cutting-edge aerodynamic and scientific advantages for our athletes heading into Beijing."

Lew developed aerodynamic, material and applied technologies that until recently were only available to the U.S. Department of Defense. Together with Chief Executive Officer Lee Vaccaro, Lew founded Lew Racing as a commercial group focused on bringing that technology to a global community. As part of the company's natural progression, the commercialization of this technology is expected to enrich the sport of cycling and support America's elite cycling athletes.

"Like the U.S. war fighter, American athletes are very precious assets to our country," says Paul Lew, Chief Technical Officer and President of Lew Racing. "We know the benefit of teamwork and our partnership with USA Cycling is a very athlete-centric commitment. Our mission is to focus the benefits of this technology in ways to complement the athlete as opposed to expecting the athlete to make compromises in comfort, riding styles and skills to fit the technology. Like many of the other companies that create great technologies in the world of cycling, Lew Racing is working very hard to support its nation's athletes."

"Ultimately, along with USA Cycling, we want to ensure that our athletes can focus solely on their physical performance without having to worry about competing against a better technology. Through our partnership with USA Cycling, our efforts will elevate the athletes' strengths and fortify their weaknesses in order to support them with every opportunity to achieve a personal best in Beijing. The evolution of this technology will not only benefit competitive cyclists, but it will also be of value to all recreational cyclists for the global enjoyment and safety of the sport."

Lew Racing is already a key contributor of lightweight wheelsets to the competitive cycling community, a technology that looks to be expanded upon.

"We have already shown the world the lightest production road wheelset with our PRO VT-1 product," says Vaccaro. "We are even more excited to provide American athletes with the most competitive technical advantage possible for upcoming events using our new road and track products."

For more information on Lew wheels, contact Lew Racing at (702) 581-5405 or go to

About Lew Racing
Paul Lew began designing and manufacturing bicycle wheels in 1991. Eleven years ago he developed the Race Lite, a 34 Msi – carbon rim  the first and original unidirectional carbon fiber rim. Lew introduced his hybrid 34 Msi and 43 Msi carbon Sub One wheel in 1998 as the first production 1000 gram wheel set.

Mr. Lew boasts over 17 years experience in advanced product design, advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes. Besides being President of Lew Aerospace, he remains Chief Engineer of Lew Racing. He continues to lead the company with design and manufacturing innovations ensuring Lew Racing's demanding customers' expectations are not just met, but are exceeded.

About USA Cycling
Recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale, USA Cycling promotes American cycling through its 60,000 members and 2,500 annual events. USA Cycling associations include the BMX Association (BMX), National Off-Road Bicycle Association (mountain bike), U.S. Cycling Federation (road/track), the National Collegiate Cycling Association and the U.S. Professional Racing Organization (professional men's road). For more information, visit or contact USA Cycling Director of Communications, Andy Lee at 719-866-4867.


Lew Racing, Inc.
(702) 581-5405

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Lew Racing Teams with USA Cycling
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