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Lew Racing, Inc.

USA Today Dream Bike Features Lew PRO VT-1 Wheels

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dreamy is how a cycling aficionado would describe the top-shelf bike USA Today detailed in a recent front page "Life" section story. The bike sits atop Lew Racing PRO VT-1 wheels, regarded in the bicycle industry as the top wheels in the business.

According the story:

"Next to the frame, nothing determines a bike's ride quality like the wheels. Hoops are the first place riders look to when trying to reduce a bike's weight.

"These LEW Racing wheels weight in at 800 grams (actually, 880 grams) and are crafted from Defense-grade carbon fiber and boron for extra strength and stiffness. The front wheel carries 16 stainless steel spokes (more correctly, carbon spokes), while the rear offers 20.

"Deep-dish rims are a favorite of pro cyclists, as they help cheat the wind on fast, flat stages."

For the complete story click here.

Other Lew Racing News
The company has started a new video program entitled "Gearing Up" that takes viewers inside Lew Racing, its products and the company's philosophy in wheel design. The videos can be accessed for free at

The debut video discusses the aerodynamics of Lew Racing's revolutionary PRO VT-1 boron/carbon wheelsets. In the video, Paul Lew, the founder and CTO of Lew Racing, explains in simple talk why the PRO VT-1 advanced composite wheelset is unsurpassed in aerodynamics efficiency. Lew touches on rim, spoke and hub design including something called the "swirl lip generator."

"Through the video I hopefully take the mystery out of our boron/carbon wheels and why they are such great wheels for riding and racing," says Lew. "The video is also a good source for IBDs who need a brush-up on the selling points of the PRO VT-1 wheels."

A second video on the Lew Racing website takes viewers on a road test of the PRO VT-1 wheels through Nevada's beautiful Red Rock Canyon. In addition, the video provides a glimpse of the special Adventure Package developed for riders by Lew Racing and the Red Rock Resort. For more details check out the video at

"Future videos will touch on a variety of subjects," says Lee Vaccaro, CEO of Lew Racing. "Stay tuned."

The videos were produced by Bicycle World ( and air on Fox Sports News Arizona. (For a schedule of times, go to the Bicycle World website.)

For more information on Lew wheels, contact Lew Racing at (702) 743-5508 or go to

About Lew Racing
Paul Lew began designing and manufacturing bicycle wheels in 1991. Eleven years ago he developed the Race Lite, a 34 Msi carbon rim – the first and original unidirectional carbon fiber rim. Lew introduced his hybrid 34 Msi and 43 Msi carbon Sub One wheel in 1998 as the first production 1000 gram wheel set.

Mr. Lew boasts over 17 years experience in advanced product design, advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes. Besides being President of Lew Aerospace, he remains Chief Engineer of Lew Racing. He continues to lead the company with design and manufacturing innovations ensuring Lew Racing's demanding customers' expectations are not just met, but are exceeded.


Lew Racing, Inc.
(702) 581-5405

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