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Lew Racing, Inc.

Lew Racing Strategically Aligns with Distributors of Tune, M5 and Sapin to Deliver sub-1000 gram Wheelsets to the Marketplace

Las Vegas, Nevada
Lew Racing Strategically Aligns with Distributors 
of Tune, M5 and Sapin to Deliver 
sub-1000 gram Wheelsets to the Marketplace

Lew Racing is pleased to announce a global working relationship with the distributors of Tune, M5 and Sapim high-quality bicycle components to deliver sub 1000 gram wheelsets to the marketplace.

The base configuration includes the Lew PRO VT-1 tubular rims, Tune Mig 70 and Mag 190 hubs, Sapim spokes and hybrid-ceramic bearings. The The MSRP base price for the set starts at $2,995 USD. In addition, custom wheels can be configured at to achieve sub 880 gram wheelsets by upgrading to different high-end Tune and M5 hubs, Pillar spokes, and full ceramic bearings.

"We are excited to introduce a mid-market product that is half the price of our PRO VT-1 880 gram wheelset that can be globally built and marketed by our reseller partners," says Lee Vaccaro, CEO of Lew Racing. "Working closely with each of the manufacturer's distributors has allowed Lew Racing to bring complete sub 1000 gram wheelsets to market much faster than typical distribution in the cycling industry."

Jeremy Parfitt with Alchemy Bicycle Works, the US distributor for Tune stated, "We are working diligently on securing inventory for the Lew Racing custom wheelset integration program and will be keeping a separate stock of Tune hubs specifically for Lew Racing."

Each Lew Racing custom wheelset is hand-built to exacting tolerances using extremely thin but strong CX-Ray or Pillar 1422-ti wire spokes. To ensure a proper build when utilizing wire spokes, Lew Racing uses a zero-twist method that clamps the spoke as close to the nipple as possible. The technique completely eliminates spoke wind-up while tensioning and ensures that the spoke will not come out of plane. In addition to the lower cost when building a traditional "spoked" wheel, another advantage is that, if necessary, the wheel can be serviced by a local qualified mechanic.

IBDs can utilize the new Lew Racing custom wheelset program for their customers by going to or by calling (702) 743-5508.

About Lew Racing
Paul Lew began designing and manufacturing bicycle wheels in 1991. Eleven years ago he developed the Race Lite, a 34 Msi carbon rim – the first and original unidirectional carbon fiber rim. Lew introduced his hybrid 34 Msi and 43 Msi carbon Sub One wheel in 1998 as the first production 1000 gram wheel set.

Mr. Lew boasts over 17 years experience in advanced product design, advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes. Besides being President of Lew Aerospace, he remains CTO of Lew Racing. He continues to lead the company with design and manufacturing innovations ensuring Lew Racing's demanding customers' expectations are not just met, but are exceeded.


Lew Racing, Inc.
(702) 581-5405

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