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Cruzbike, Inc.

Cruzbike Unveils Two Recumbent Designs

Lumberton, North Carolina
Cruzbike Unveils Two Recumbent Designs

Sofrider and Freerider are stylish, mass-produced, well-priced, and medically beneficial bicycles

You may get a few more stares out on the bike trails, but for cyclists everywhere, the release of the Sofrider and Freerider signifies a turning point in healthy, safe, and active riding.

Designed by Cruzbike, a multinational distributor of recumbent bicycles, the two new models give the words laid back a new meaning. While maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design, the tilt-back seats of the Sofrider and Freerider offer health, safety, and fitness benefits.

"These aren't your average recumbent bikes," said Rob Redfearn, Marketing Manager for Cruzbike. "At first glance you see how sleek the design is, and after a test-ride you notice there are ways to get a biking exercise without the typical biking pains."

Both the Sofrider and Freerider are ergonomically designed for comfort, boasting a unique front-wheel drive system that is efficient and easily manufactured, which is good news for customers. "Moving production from a small shop in Australia to a modern facility in Taiwan allowed us to make the bikes affordable," said Redfearn.

In fact, both models retail for under a thousand dollars, a low price among recumbent bicycles. Of a field of 164 recumbent models listed on, the Sofrider and Freerider were nearly $1,600 cheaper than the average unit and were the only dual suspension bikes listed under $1000. But that isn't what draws the throngs of admirers. Radiologist, co-founder, and CEO of Cruzbike, Jim Parker, M.D., believes their popularity continues to grow for another reason  health and safety.

"If you ask avid cyclists what their number one concern is when riding, nine times out of ten they'll say it's the pain they get from the saddle," said Dr. Parker. "Regular bikes try to correct this with wider seats or softer cushioning, but the real problem is the angle at which you're sitting. It puts way too much pressure on your perineum, and that can lead to numbness or even erectile dysfunction (E.D.)"

Cruzbike addresses these medical problems and others. If you've ever ridden a regular bike for more than a mile, you probably remember the discomfort that accompanies the exercise.

A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that 85% of recreational riders had some form of musculoskeletal pain, including neck, wrist, back, hip, and shoulder pains. The recumbent position of the Sofrider and Freerider corrects that problem by adjusting neck position, removing tension from the lower back, and relieving the need to put pressure on the handlebars.

Recumbent bikes may prove far better than regular bikes at absorbing frontal impacts since the force of the collision is taken feet, not head, first. On a recumbent, the rider is in a head-up position instead of the face down position of the road bike tuck, thus reducing the risk of a collision in the first place.

Cycling enthusiasts may want to trade in their bike for these reasons, or simply because they want a new type of workout that engages the whole body without straining the very muscles that keep them going. Design Director John Tolhurst, working out of his home in Australia, credits the comfort and aerodynamics with doubling the average riding time. "When you lose all that unnecessary pain," said Tolhurst, "you end up enhancing your biking experience."

The Sofrider and Freerider are similar in design, but differ in handlebars. The Freerider has a distinctly wide grip that gives greater leverage and control, while the Sofrider has a more traditionally spaced handlebar and is better suited for long rides due to its aerodynamics. Both bikes have the same dual suspension technology found on a mountain bike that makes for a smooth ride.

To view pictures of the Sofrider and Freerider, click here.

About Cruzbike
Founded in 2006 by cyclists Dr. Jim Parker, John Tolhurst, and Rob Redfearn, Cruzbike has grown significantly in its first year of operation. The company's two models and attachable recumbent kit have been sold in over 10 countries, including France, Israel, and New Zealand, and continue to gain popularity in the international market. Cruzbikes are recognizable for their ergonomic, fashionable design and reasonable price, but are admired for their health and safety benefits. Please visit for more information.

Cruzbike is now selling the Sofrider and Freerider online and at select locations around the United States. For more information on these recumbent bikes, please visit or call (312) 267-0411 to get in touch with a spokesperson from Cruzbike.


Cruzbike, Inc.

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