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Pharma Pacific - AltO2Lab

Pharma Pacific Offers Altitude Training without the Altitude – and Without Using Those Inefficient, Bulky Altitude Tents

Phoenix, Arizona
Pharma Pacific Offers Altitude Training without the Altitude – and Without Using Those Inefficient, Bulky Altitude Tents

Plus, Svein Tuft (Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team) Wins U.S. Open Championships on Alt02 Lab System

Forget about immersing your entire body into an "altitude tent" and spending eight uncomfortable hours breathing diminished air. Pharma Pacific's highly effective AltO2Lab Personal Altitude Training System requires "acclimatizing" one hour a day for 15 days to experience results. And the system is easy to use and effective.

While watching TV, reading a book, or just relaxing you breathe in and out of the AltO2Lab AltOMixer stack for six minutes, then recover for four minutes. Repeat the cycle five more times and you're done for the day. Depending on where you are in your 15 day cycle, your stack will replicate 5,000 to 25,000 feet of elevation. Then after the initial 15-days-on/15 days-off-cycle you can stay acclimated with a five-day "top up." In addition, with the system's Finger Pulse Oximeter, each individual can measure how his or her body is responding to the reduced oxygen and adjust their "altitude" accordingly.

Clinical research studies at Ohio State University and Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand in blind studies using elite athletes have shown that a single 15-day program on the AltO2Lab Personal Altitude Training System significantly increases performance and power output by 3-5%. Expected increases in hematocrit, hemoglobin, V02 max and lactate thresholds, and reduced lactate levels were not immediately apparent after first 15-day exposure but appear to increase after several 5-day top up treatments.

The effects of reduced oxygen or "hypoxia" on athletic performance have been widely recognized since the 1960's but the underlying mechanisms have remained unclear. Some experts maintain that altitude training leads to changes in blood parameters. However, studies out of Germany, Switzerland and Ohio State suggest that the more rapid responses to hypoxia seem to occur in the cells of skeletal muscles leading to an increase in the size and number of mitochondria, the "cellular power plants," that allows more efficient use of oxygen that leads to improved performance.

Achieving whole body hypoxia has been the challenge, with most athletes electing to move to high elevations or to sleep in hypoxic tents to get their "high altitude" exposure. However, with AltO2Lab those problems are overcome, and top athletes are slowly discovering its numerous advantages.

"I used the AltO2lab pretty consistently through my build-up to the 2004 Olympics and found that it really helped my training and endurance," says Bevan Docherty, 2004 Olympic Triathlon Silver Medalist and 2004 Triathlon World Champion.

Recently, Svein Tuft of the Symmetrics Pro Cycling Team, who has used the AltO2Lab system consistently since mid-2006, has been on a winning streak ever since. He won the inaugural U.S. Open Championships in April, the Redlands Classic prologue time trial in March, and the 13-day Tour of Cuba in February.

Says, Andrew Backhaus, President of Pharma Pacific, the North American distributor of the AltO2Lab Personal Altitude Training System: "The AltO2Lab has shown that it can benefit athletes in all kinds of sports like cycling, running, triathlon, boxing and swimming where cardio and speed are essential. Plus, the system is simple to use, portable and is the most cost efficient high altitude training simulator on the market."

AltO2Lab Personal Altitude Training System:

  • Clinically proven
  • Simple to use
  • No moving parts
  • No external power required
  • Portable
  • Hygienic
  • Altitude adaptable to each individual
  • Simulates up to 25,000 feet of elevation
  • Lowest cost altitude simulation system available
  • MSRP - $549.95

For more information, contact Pharma Pacific at (480) 993-0344 or log onto the internet at

About Pharma Pacific
Pharma Pacific is the North American distributor of the AltO2Lab - Personal Altitude Simulator. AltO2Lab was invented in New Zealand by Brendon Downey, a noted triathlon and endurance coach and a former Ironman champion. He developed AltO2lLab in collaboration with Douglas Pharmaceuticals, New Zealand's largest pharmaceutical producer.


Pharma Pacific - AltO2Lab
(480) 993-0344

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Pharma Pacific Offers Altitude Training without the Altitude – and Without Using Those Inefficient, Bulky Altitude Tents
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