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Hobson Associates, Inc.

Hobson Saddles: Healthy Riding Without the Pain

Reseda, California
Hobson Saddles: Healthy Riding Without the Pain

Easyseat II to Ship May 28

Over 600,000 people who ride the Hobson Original Easyseat can't be wrong. And neither can their buns.

The Original Easyseat was designed in 1982 using dual seat pads to give cyclists unmatched comfort by eliminating the center horn which causes harmful pressure on sensitive parts of the body. And the saddle became wildly popular. Now the company has introduced two new models: the Pro-Hub X2 and the Easyseat II, both saddles designed not only to provide a stable comfortable ride but superior medical benefits.

The Pro-Hub X2, which is in stock and shipping now, is the only dual seat-pad saddle designed and tested for long distance touring cycling in a semi-upright or upright position (not designed for riding "in the drops" on racing handlebars). The dual-pad configuration allows for a rider's two "sit-bones" to each be seated on its own pad thereby providing a pressure free ride. Plus, with no center horn, men need not worry about the saddle causing erectile dysfunction. Plus, the Pro-Hub X2 saddle eliminates vaginal irritation for women. (Note: A recent medical study concluded that a dual seat-pad bicycle seat allows the blood flow to the penile arteries to be the same as if the rider were in the supine (sleeping) position.)

In addition, once installed, Pro-Hub X2 saddle adjustments are made quick and easy via a single chrome dial with locking screw. And like a conventional saddle with elastomers or stiff rubber plugs, each seat-pad provides a very stable ride. Plus, the saddle holds up to 800 lbs.!

The Pro-Hub X2 features a magnesium base and sturdy nylon/glass seat pans with seat-pads constructed of hi-density foam/gel padding. The pads are covered with perforated Nu-Leather with flexible tips on extended stainless steel rails for better adjustment. MSRP of $89.95.

The Easyseat II, which is scheduled for a May 28 shipping date, was designed for the casual/recreation cyclist who wants the same comfortable ride.

It is perfect for the beach cruiser, city bike, or stationary bike exerciser. The Easyseat II is similar to the Pro-Hub X2 but with a nylon/glass main seat base and smaller but wider individual seat-pads. MSRP is $59.95.

Origin Design Resource of Santa Monica, Calif., designed Hobson's two new saddles using new lighter, stronger materials that make the saddles the best on the market. The Pro-Hub X2 and the Easyseat II will be available June 1,07 from the following distributors: J&B Importers, Quality Bicycle Products and Seattle Bike Supply.

For further details, check out Hobson's new website,, or call toll free: 800-582- 8088.


Hobson Associates, Inc.
(800) 582-8088

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Hobson Saddles: Healthy Riding Without the Pain
Hobson Saddles: Healthy Riding Without the Pain



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