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Hotvelociti Introduces New Spring Cycling Fashion

New York and New Jersey
Hotvelociti Introduces New Spring Cycling Fashion

New line of jerseys creates abstract art pieces that let riders be seen on the road - and banish boredom!

If you're looking for something new and different, Hotvelociti may be just the ticket! With their fabulous art designs, bright colors, and stunning graphics, they'll make your clothing rack finally stand out.

Created by a long time cyclist who had tired of the usual fare - company logos and plain Jane and Bob colors - the line takes a crack at the art world with a sense of humor to boot.

The graphic black and white Japanese Giraffe says "New York" in Japanese on the side panels, and provides a svelte, fashionable look for any woman, and a handsome rugged look for any man (it's made in both women's and men's fits). The Flaminko Rokoko with a giant flamingo head and team logo for "Flaminko Rokoko" written across the back is a profusion of pinks for the girlie girl in all of us. Blue Flower is a mad look at a blue flower surrounded by purple, a picture of purple passion!

The green and blue circles jerseys are Hotvelociti's signature look, and provide a humorous wink at drivers: rendered in pastel they are easy for most women to wear. "Fast and Easy" is a play on words, in its pristine white with colored bands reflecting the champion - of what we're not sure!

In men's, the circles jerseys are reproduced in sophisticated colors, in a black and in a white way - again, the signature look for being seen on the road, a common concern among cyclists.

The Hard and Fast is the male version and companion piece to the Fast and Easy - hey we know men like to ride hard to right fast - that seems to be all they do hard and fast! And the green and blue geometric are for the sophisticated man who would rather not spend another day advertising a company on his back without being paid a handsome fee!

All of the men's jerseys are made with a ¾'s zipper, and are made to fit Americans - they are true to size. Most of the women's jerseys are made with a ¾'s zipper. All of the jerseys are made with 100 percent wicking polyester, and are made to last without fraying or snagging.

Hotvelociti also carries matching arm warmers in the Japanese Giraffe and Pink to match the Flaminko Rokoko, and socks in four colors: Giraffe, Pink, Blue Flower, and Green Circles.

Oh and by the way, for those women who want to exercise and can't find a single jersey to fit their generous bods, our men's sizes are purrfect for women. They'll enjoy the slightly looser fit that for once provides enough space for frontal carriage.

For more information call Jennifer Benepe, at 201-944-7025.

Our prices are more than reasonable and there are no minimums! Please email us for a price list, to, or

Happy Riding!!


(201) 944-7025

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