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desirée ficker reaches the podium at kailua-kona with the help of nuun

Seattle, Washington
desirée ficker reaches the podium at kailua-kona with the help of nuun

with nuun in hand, triathlete crosses the finish line in second place in the 2006 ford ironman world championship last saturday

it's considered the toughest single day athletic event. but for desirée ficker, a tough day came together astoundingly well last saturday at the ford ironman world championships, when the 29-year old professional triathlete raced to claim a spot on the podium of the world's most prestigious triathlon. nuun portable hydration was alongside her all the way, helping her stay hydrated throughout the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and marathon-length run. a beaming ficker even carried a tube of nuun with her as she crossed the finish line in second place, in a performance that is considered her career best.

ficker, of the tri-dubai team, used nuun in the week leading up to the ironman and counted on it through the bike and run portions of the race. "with high temperatures in the lava fields and a high level of exertion i've got to get my electrolytes and hydration right," ficker said after the race. "nuun works for me. its lack of sugars makes it easy to drink and doesn't irritate my stomach. plus i've got my drink wherever i am, and the taste is good even after 9 hours. nuun was with me the whole day."

that day brought ficker, of austin, texas, to her unexpected 2nd place finish, in 9 hours, 24 minutes and 2 seconds, 5:31 behind winner michellie jones. but ficker proved faster over the 112-mile bike leg, in 5:05:06, and in the marathon, which she ran in 3:11.50. in that fast run, she relied on nuun, finishing with a tube of the tri-berry flavor. with the brutal conditions and sheer distance of the ironman behind her, ficker not only raced exceedingly well, she also managed her hydration levels well. such a performance confirms that balancing electrolytes before and during the race can contribute to a podium finish.

about nuun:
since 2004, nuun* has been the leader in portable electrolyte hydration. its pioneering, quick dissolving electrolyte tablets are truly portablewith nuun, anywhere you can find water, you can readily hydrate, simply by adding one tablet to 16 ounces of water. a tube of nuun contains 12 tablets, enough to create 1.5 gallons of optimally balanced electrolyte drink that is lightly flavored and without sugars. popular among competitive cyclists, triathletes and adventure racers, nuun has found its way to the globe's most legendary endurance epics. for more information on nuun, please visit

*pronounced "noon"

media contact:
Boo Turner " Footloose Communications
Cell 206.554.1596


(206) 219-9237

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desirée ficker reaches the podium at kailua-kona with the help of nuun
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