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CMR Sales, Inc.

CMR Sales and Crest Ultrasonic Helps with Your New Year's Resolution: Cleaner Bike Parts – And at $100 Off!

Wyckoff, New Jersey
CMR Sales and Crest Ultrasonic
 Helps with Your New Year's Resolution:  
Cleaner Bike Parts – And at $100 Off!

CMR Sales, Inc., the exclusive suppler of Crest Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners to the bicycle industry, is now offering $100 off its newest bike parts cleaner and lube system, the Crest BC1100HT.

With its deeper baskets, the Crest BC1100HT system cleans and lubes the new style crank with attached chain rings and bottom bracket spindle thereby saving disassembly and assembly time. The new system features Constant Power Output combined with ceramic enhanced transducers for more powerful ultrasonic cleaning and an upgraded heater which warms the water-based, bio-degradable cleaner quicker. The heater also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The new BC1100HT includes carry handles and a removable electric cord for easier transport. In addition, for European IBDs, 220v wiring and plug is available for no extra charge.

"The BC1100HT is perfect for the IBD that cleans a lot of cranks," says Greg Infante, President of CMR Sales, Inc., Crest's exclusive distributor to the bicycle industry. "The system's deeper baskets and small footprint makes for effective parts cleaning in very little space. The new HD baskets have a convenient drain position feature. Plus, with ultrasonic cleaning, the parts get cleaner faster than by hand and you also save in labor costs."

And now the BC1100HT comes with a smaller price tag, $1,895 which includes a $100 off New Year's discount. (For a limited time only.)

The BC1100HT features:

  • Heated tank, 8" deep with 11.5" X 9.5" lube pan
  • Tank covers
  • Two heavy duty 11" X 9" mesh baskets with drain position handles
  • One gallon CC235 water-based, non-hazardous cleaning concentrate,
  • Three gallons CC400L non-hazardous water displacing lubricant.

You can check out the BC1100HT and other cleaning systems on CMR Sales, Inc.'s new website, site, while still under construction, includes information on the ultrasonic cleaning process, IBDs who are already using Crest cleaners, and a price and features list.

For more information, go to To contact CMR Sales, Inc. call toll free: 1-877-254-7939 or email Greg Infante at

About CMR Sales, Inc.
CMR Sales Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Crest Ultrasonic Firearm Clean & Lube Systems and Bike Parts Clean & Lube Systems for over 10 years.The company's president has over 14 years experience of ultrasonic cleaning in various industries. For more information go to

About Crest Ultrasonics Corp.
Since 1961 Crest Ultrasonics Corp. has been the leader in supplying ultrasonic cleaning systems to hundreds of industries from semi-conductors to automotive to bicycles. The company has been servicing the bicycle market for over 10 years. More information about Crest Ultrasonics Corp. can be obtained at


CMR Sales, Inc.

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CMR Sales and Crest Ultrasonic Helps with Your New Year's Resolution: Cleaner Bike Parts – And at $100 Off!
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