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Paceline Products, Inc.

Paceline Products announces exciting new marketing partnerships for FRS ®

Pleasant Valley, Missouri
Paceline Products announces 
exciting new marketing partnerships for FRS ®

FRS ® Antioxidant Health Beverage, distributed exclusively to the cycling specialty market by Paceline Products, sponsors the Discovery Cycling Team

Speaking of hooking up with the best. New Sun Nutrition's FRS antioxidant health drink, concentrate and chews, which are distributed to IBDs exclusively by Paceline Products, Inc, is an official sponsor of the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team. FRS product will be supplied to America's premier professional cycling team throughout the 2007 Pro Tour season, both in the United States and in Europe.

And FRS is getting ringing endorsements from top cyclists, including Discovery Channel Team Rider, George Hincapie. "As a rider, I am not inclined or obligated by the team to endorse a product I don't believe in 100%. But let me tell you, FRS really works and I feel the positive effects whether I'm training hard or taking a day off," said Hincapie.

Says Curt Shelman, Operations Manager, Paceline Products: "The demand for the FRS product line is increasing rapidly with re-order quantities way up, plus we're adding new dealers practically every day. We keep ordering larger and larger quantities to ensure sufficient inventory for our IBDs which is an enviable position to be in."

FRS antioxidant health drink and chews is a scientifically formulated supplement designed to boost energy, enhance performance and neutralize free radicals before they can cause cellular damage. FRS, which stands for the scientific term Free Radical Scavenger, contains a patented combination of essential vitamins, metabolic enhancers and two flavonoids: quercetin (an antioxidant typically found in the skins of apples, onions and red grapes) and catechins (extracted from green tea).

FRS concentrate, chews and powder drink mix are available to the entire U.S. bicycle specialty market exclusively from Paceline Products. FRS Ready To Drink products are available in limited distribution in Southern CA and Washington state from local beverage distributors.

Other Paceline Products News

Paceline Products Now Stocks full line of Kool 'N Fit ™ products for 2007!
In August, 2006 Paceline Products added Kool 'N Fit Conditioning Spray to its inventory of quality products. Sales have been so strong and steady since then that Paceline Products now stocks the complete Kool 'N Fit line.

"Many of our bicycle dealers contacted us looking for a source for additional Kool 'N Fit products," says Steve Mathews, President of Paceline Products. "Because of our success with the Conditioning Fluid and our excellent relationship with Kool 'N Fit, we decided to carry the entire line of Kool 'N Fit products for our IBDs."

Paceline Products to add the JimiX™
Sales of the Jimi Wallet has been unbelievable since Paceline Products introduced the wallets at last year's Interbike. Mr. Smith, Inc., producers of the Jimi Wallet, has recently added the JimiX which includes an external money clip, a feature many consumers wanted. Paceline Products will stock JimiX in all four colors – Clear, Blue, Stealth/Black and Safety Orange – which will be available to ship around March 15.

"Get your pre-orders in now because we expect the JimiX to enjoy strong demand," says Mathews.

Chamois Butt'r Strong Sales Continues!
Chamois Butt'r continues its distinction as one of the most popular skin lubricants and chamois creams in the U.S. and Canada. Following record sales in 2006, year-to-date 2007 sales are up significantly compared to last year.

"Bicycle riders have continued to express their support for Chamois Butt'r by asking for it by name at their favorite bicycle store," says Mathews. "With this in mind, we are upping our marketing efforts. For example, Cycles Lambert will provide free Chamois Butt'r to over 10,000 cyclists at Canadian consumer bicycle shows this year, and Paceline Products will provide free product to more than 200,000 cyclists at U.S. bicycle events throughout the year. By helping to support cycling events, we support the popularity of cycling, and our retailers."

Retailers will see some minor changes in the name and header card for the multi-unit packages of Chamois Butt'r 9ml packets this spring. The packages of 10 – 9 ml packs, which have been called "Pocket Pacs", will now carry the name, "10 Packs". The header card on the "10 Packs" will be slightly larger, but the MSRP of $8.00 will remain the same.

About Paceline Products
Paceline Products distributes high-quality, innovative products for the bicycle industry. For more information call toll free 1-888-411-0287 or log onto the Internet at


Paceline Products, Inc.
(800) 792-2690

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