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Paceline Products, Inc.

Paceline Products 2007 Catalog Makes Great Reading

Pleasant Valley, Missouri
Paceline Products 2007 Catalog Makes Great Reading

Paceline Products, Inc.'s new 2007 catalog is like a good how-to book and answers many questions about new cycling products distributed by Paceline Products, including:

  • Why is the Jimi Wallet so perfect for cyclists? Answer: It is lightweight, water resistant, easily fits in a cycling jersey pocket and comes in 9 vibrant colors! Dealers order at least 18 Jimi Wallets and get a free acrylic POP display.

  • Wouldn't it be great to have portable pressurized water on demand while out on a ride? Yes, and cyclists can now get it with the Pressure Pak, it's not an accessory it's a necessity and is available in sizes to fit 50, 70 or 100 oz hydration packs!

  • Speaking of water, how can cyclists keep their water and other liquids colder longer? Answer: the Ice Cap Water Bottle, a 26 oz. bottle with a removable, re-freezable non-toxic gel stick.

  • What works on muscles both before and after a ride? Of course, the answer is Kool ' N Fit, Muscle Conditioning spray, an all natural spray for better warm-up, increased endurance and faster recovery. It's fast, it's easy, and it works!

  • During a workout, keeping electrolyte levels topped is important and now easy with the Saltstick Dispenser. Saltstick Dispensers conveniently fit in a handlebar or on a running belt and dispense any electrolyte capsule on the market. For an added advantage, use Saltstick Caps and get the most comprehensive electrolyte mix available!

In addition to the all-new products distributed by Paceline Products, the following items have been added to existing product lines:

  • From Belgium, Paceline Products imports Qoleum Sports Care Products and now offers the Sports Wash, which effectively removes oils and embrocations without affecting the body's natural oils.

  • The foldable Raze cyclocross tire by Maxxis, features a fast rolling center ridge, widely spaced lugs and a softer compound that remains pliable in cold conditions. The Raze is 60 grams lighter that the Mimo CX and 125 grams lighter than the Locust  which makes the Raze the perfect cyclocross racing tire.

  • More colors are available in the Halo Headbands sweat block technology, including pink in the Halo I Tie and Halo II Pullover versions, and royal blue in the Protex bandana style.

Event Sponsorship
Paceline Products helps sponsor over 175 cycling events throughout the U.S. and Canada. Cycles Lambert will distribute over 10,000 Chamois Butt'r 9ml Individual Use packets to consumers in Canada.

The 20 page all-color Paceline Products 2007 Catalog includes a price sheet, ordering/shipping information and features the complete 2007 line of products from Paceline Products. It will be mailed to IBDs in mid-February.

About Paceline Products
Paceline Products distributes high-quality, innovative products for the bicycle industry. For more information call toll free 1-888-411-0287 or log onto the Internet at


Paceline Products, Inc.
(800) 792-2690

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Paceline Products 2007 Catalog Makes Great Reading
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