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Tamer Laboratories, Inc.

Athletes and Coaches Minimize Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and Improve Performance Using Acid Zapper™ with Alka-Plex®.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle-based supplement company TAMER Laboratories, Inc. is hearing great things from champion athletes and renowned coaches about their new pH health product, Acid Zapper with Alka-Plex, a cutting-edge category mineral supplement that helps endurance athletes maintain proper pH balance, improve performance and speed recovery time. "Our pilot test results and feedback from early adopters clearly indicate that Acid Zapper helps athletes minimize or avoid delayed onset muscle soreness and improve performance," says Dr. Robert Burns, president of TAMER Laboratories.

Delayed onset muscle soreness, or "DOMS," is a common problem for both new and experienced athletes. DOMS typically manifests itself as muscle fatigue, soreness or weakness that usually peaks 24-48 hours after intense exertion and can take up to a week to subside. Although DOMS is nowhere near as serious or debilitating as a pulled or strained muscle, it can be very uncomfortable and a significant inconvenience, especially when it impacts training schedules and athletic performance.

In an article entitled 'Treating and Preventing DOMS' authors J. Maes and L. Kravitz, discuss the DOMS problem in detail and review two other informative articles on DOMS cited below.(1) Szymanski's article provides an extensive evaluation of the mechanisms of and possible treatments for DOMS.(2) Although medical science has not yet clearly established a sound and consistent treatment for DOMS, a partial list of methods used to address the problem includes pharmaceuticals, pre-exercise warm-up, stretching, massage, and nutritional supplements. "DOMS is often precipitated by 'eccentric exercise,' which includes downhill running, plyometrics, and resistance training. (Other contributing factors can include fatigue, muscle stiffness, contraction velocity, and the angle of contraction" reports Szymanski.)

In another article 'Treatment and prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness,' Connolly, et al. posit that eccentric exercise causes damage to the muscle cell membrane causing an inflammatory response. In turn, "This inflammatory response leads to the formation of metabolic waste products in the system, with DOMS as an end result."(3) "We believe that Acid Zapper with Alka-Plex reduces or eliminates DOMS because it helps neutralize these metabolic waste products, thus reducing or eliminating inflammation in the muscle tissue," says Dr. Robert Burns. "Certainly, the results documented by the Acid Zapper pilot study and the anecdotal evidence we continue to receive from athletes and coaches is completely consistent with this theory."

A number of athletes and coaches who first tested Acid Zapper report a direct connection between the faster recovery times they've experience using the product and increased athletic performance. "During my final build for Ironman USA, Acid Zapper improved my recovery," says Scott Horns, a USA Triathlon coach at Bella Multisport Coaching in Perrysburg, Ohio. "During the event, I did a 1000TT short course and broke 14 minutes for the first time."

"I have tried a number of well-known products claiming performance gains and improved recovery and I have never been able to clearly quantify the benefits until taking Acid Zapper," says Simon Butterworth, a Certified USA Triathlon Level I coach in Louisville, Colorado. Butterworth moved to the Boulder area in 2006, living and competing at significant altitudes for the first time in his life. "The Boulder 10K was the first race where I used Acid Zapper," says Butterworth. "When I finished, I felt I could have kept the pace going for quite a bit longer. I usually suffer DOMS after running fast for 10K or longer, but I had no problems with a fast-paced ride two days later and a long run the following day." In addition, Butterworth says, "Two weeks later I participated in Boulder's 5430 race series (Sprint, Olympic and Long Course). In all three races (and six of the Boulder Reservoir Stroke and Stride Series) I did not suffer from any muscle burn in the push to the finish or on the big hills." Even more important, he adds, "There was no muscle soreness one to two days after the event. I won my Age Group in both series equaling my 5K Personal Record in the past five years (which were all set at sea level) and I won all three triathlons by wide margins. I finally feel I have found something that works," Butterworth says of Acid Zapper.

"We're very pleased by the enthusiastic response that continues to come in from athletes and coaches all over the country," says TAMER Laboratories president Dr. Robert Burns summing up early adopter reaction to Acid Zapper. "They've consistently pointed out one of the major benefits of using Acid Zapper, which is that it minimizes or eliminates delayed onset muscle soreness and stimulates faster recovery." Dr. Burns adds, "Their willingness to go on the record about their results and to recommend Acid Zapper to other athletes and coaches validates our strong belief in this product and its benefits. We're very proud that we can help athletes in a way that is effective, safe and healthful."

TAMER Laboratories will make Acid Zapper product samples available at the Acid Zapper booth (#204) at this year's Interbike International Bicycle Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada (September 27-29). Cycling Hall of Fame member and three-time cycling Olympian John Howard will be on hand each day at 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM to talk cycling and share his positive experiences with Acid Zapper.

For more product information or details about the Acid Zapper pilot test conducted at Seattle Performance Medicine in January 2006, visit or call 877.587.6100.

About Acid Zapper with Alka-Plex
Developed by TAMER Laboratories, Inc. specifically to help endurance and team athletes achieve peak performance and quicker recovery times, Acid Zapper combats pH imbalance and excess hydrogen ion buildup in muscles. By naturally controlling the acidic wastes that are generated when carbohydrates, proteins, and fats metabolize during intense athletic exertion, Acid Zapper helps improve athletic performance, reduces muscle burn, and extends time to fatigue. It also aids athletes' physical recovery by significantly reducing muscle and joint soreness. And Acid Zapper is safe and legal, with no steroids, stimulants, caffeine or sugars. (All Acid Zapper ingredients are allowed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.)

About TAMER Laboratories, Inc.
TAMER Laboratories, Inc. (TAMER) is a Seattle-based Research and Development Company that has been developing supplements dedicated to pH health since 1996. TAMER's mission is to improve human health and wellbeing and to help athletes achieve greater performance through the use of safe, effective and innovative products that correct or prevent pH imbalance. For more information on TAMER Laboratories, Inc. visit

(1)Maes, J.D.& Kravitz, L., "Treating and preventing DOMS," IDEA Personal Trainer, 14(7), 41-45 (2003)

(2)Szymanski, D.J., "Recommendations for the avoidance of delayed onset of muscle soreness," J. Strength Cond. Res., 23(4): 7-13 (2001)

(3)Connolly, et. al., "Treatment and prevention of delayed onset of muscle soreness," J. Strength Cond. Res., 17(1): 197-208 (2003)


Tamer Laboratories, Inc.

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Athletes and Coaches Minimize Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and Improve Performance Using Acid Zapper™ with Alka-Plex®.
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