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Tamer Laboratories, Inc.

US Cycling Hall of Fame member John Howard to appear at Interbike
Three-time cycling Olympian endorses Acid Zapper™, a new pH health supplement for endurance athlete

Seattle, Washington
US Cycling Hall of Fame member John Howard to appear at Interbike<br>
Three-time cycling Olympian endorses Acid Zapper™, a new pH health supplement for endurance athlete

TAMER Laboratories, Inc. today announced that US Cycling Hall of Fame member and world-renowned cyclist and coach John Howard has endorsed the Seattle-based supplement company's new pH health product Acid Zapper with Alka-Plex®, a mineral supplement that helps endurance athletes maintain proper pH balance. Howard will be appearing at this year's Interbike International Bicycle Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada (September 27-29, 2006), to meet with fellow cyclists and coaches and to share the dramatic results he's experienced using Acid Zapper.

"Performance is everything," says Howard. "My personal response to Acid Zapper was immediate and extremely positive. After I started using Acid Zapper my half-mile flat power test on the C.T. went up from 497 watts to 528 and my time dropped from 1:03 to 1:01. It's become a regular daily supplement of my diet for good reason–it works."

For many in the cycling world, John Howard needs no introduction. Among his many athletic achievements, he is a three-time cycling Olympian; a ten-year member of the US National Team; a fourteen-time USCF and NORBA Elite and Masters National Champion; a National title holder in Road, Time Trial Cyclo-Cross and MTB; a two-time UCI World Championship Medalist; and an Ironman Triathlon World Champion. Howard has also held some extraordinary world records in his time, including the Cycling 24-Hour World Record (539 miles) and Cycling World Absolute Speed Record Holder, a title he captured in 1985 on the Bonneville Salt Flats when he achieved a speed of 152.2 mph. Today, Howard still competes, is a respected cycling journalist, and a highly successful coach who heads up the School of Champions at John Howard Performance Sports.

"We're very proud that John Howard has endorsed Acid Zapper," says Dr. Robert Burns, president of TAMER Laboratories. "John's credibility is based on more than just his impeccable credentials as a coach and athlete. He also has a sincere, longstanding commitment to safe and legal methods of improving athletic performance. We share that commitment by developing and marketing products that promote good health."

Developed by TAMER Laboratories, Inc. specifically to help endurance and team athletes achieve peak performance and quicker recovery times, Acid Zapper combats pH imbalance and excess hydrogen ion buildup in muscle cells. By naturally controlling the acids wastes that are generated when carbohydrates, proteins, and fats metabolize during intense athletic exertion, Acid Zapper helps improve athletic performance, reduces muscle burn, and extends time to fatigue. It also aids athletes' physical recovery by significantly reducing muscle and joint soreness. And Acid Zapper is safe and legal, with no steroids, stimulants, caffeine or sugars. (All Acid Zapper ingredients are allowed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency and are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.)

"I think it's important to look at every possibility for safe performance enhancement," says Howard. "As an athlete and a cycling coach, I don't have any qualms at all about telling people to try Acid Zapper. I continually recommend it and give athletes samples to try. So far, the response has been 100% positive. In my experience, Acid Zapper will make a difference, and you'll notice it right away."

Howard was introduced to Acid Zapper by fellow coach and cyclist Tim Becker, who directs the CompuTrainer MultiRider Center in Seattle and who was named Age Group Master Male Duathlete of 2005 by USA Triathlon. Becker had participated in a five-week Acid Zapper pilot study conducted at Seattle Performance Medicine in January 2006 and experienced impressive results. Becker, who'd recently been diagnosed with acidosis and was experiencing significant discomfort during intense workouts, underwent a baseline test without Acid Zapper, then began a regimen of four Acid Zapper tablets a day for two weeks before retesting. The results surprised him. "I doubled my pedaling time at 300 watts," he says. "I went from 17 minutes [during the baseline test] with lots of discomfort to 34.5 minutes with no discomfort. I was still riding at 300 watts after 34.5 minutes, which I had never done in my life. Then, after two more weeks of using a higher daily dosage of Acid Zapper, Becker retested with even more impressive results: "I went for just over an hour pedaling at 300 watts and never felt any discomfort at all," he says.

At a cycling camp in March 2006, Becker shared his discovery with his colleague John Howard. "Tim introduced me to Acid Zapper and told me about his experiences," says Howard. "Immediately I just clicked on: That's the problem I've been having! I started taking it right away and noticed a difference from the very beginning. Possibly because my body was so acidic, I noticed an immediate change. With most supplements you don't notice anything. Well, with Acid Zapper you do notice a difference. You feel it and you respond to it almost immediately – at least I do. Now, when I go out and tax myself to my limits, I'm keenly aware that something is different, and that something is a positive."

TAMER Laboratories will have product samples available at the Acid Zapper booth (#204) at Interbike International Bicycle Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada (September 27-29, 2006). John Howard will be on hand at 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM each day to talk cycling and share his experiences with Acid Zapper.

For more product information or details about the Acid Zapper pilot test, visit or call 877.587.6100.

About TAMER Laboratories, Inc.
TAMER Laboratories, Inc. (TAMER) is a Seattle-based Research and Development Company that has been developing supplements dedicated to pH health since 1996. TAMER's mission is to improve human health and wellbeing and to help athletes achieve greater performance through the use of safe, effective and innovative products that correct or prevent pH imbalance. For more information on TAMER Laboratories, Inc. visit


Tamer Laboratories, Inc.

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US Cycling Hall of Fame member John Howard to appear at Interbike
Three-time cycling Olympian endorses Acid Zapper™, a new pH health supplement for endurance athlete

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